Destination Weddings in Alba

Located in the valley of the Tanoro River, Alba graces the heart of the Langhe area with its celebrated wines and white truffles. Known as the city of 100 towers, this town is an ideal spot for leisure, wine tasting, and epicurean delights. Adorned with castles along its landscapes and hilltops, Alba is the principal area for superb food and wine in the Piedmont region of Italy, thanks in part to the rich hills of the Langhe. This is where visitors can experience the famous truffle festivals that boasts Alba’s gourmand delights: pigeon roast, quail risotto and a variety of delectable semi-freddo desserts. Guests are encouraged to indulge in Piemonte’s only authentic ‘pasta asciutta,’ found here in Alba.

View of destination wedding location Alba

Alba’s population is just under 30,000 and its charm is evident in the family-run wineries that lace the town and produce some of the finest wines of the region. This territory has transformed a number of poor farmers into world- renowned winemakers because of their superior winemaking expertise. The historical center is located within the Roman walls, and a collection of churches and medieval structures plainly line the Tanaro and Cherasca rivers.

Be aware that a number of towns in the lower Langhe make use of ‘Alba’ in their names, such as Monforte d’Alba, Canale d’Alba, Serralunga d’Alba and Diano d’Alba, which was always in competition with Alba for rule of the River Tanaro.

Food and wine lovers will relish in all that Alba has to offer. With its rich history and culinary delights, this region promises to deliver an enchanted Italian experience.