Destination Weddings in Piedmont

Piedmont, or Piemonte as it is known in Italian, is a perfect blend of dramatic mountains, romantic villages and spectacular lakes such as Lake Orta, with an enchanting little island in the middle. It remains one of our couples’ favorite wedding destinations. The vineyards of Piedmont create some of the world’s finest wines and are matched by a refined northern cuisine that will delight your palate.

A prosperous and inviting region in Italy‘s north, Piedmont is a lovely place to get married. The vestiges of many centuries of Savoy rule still linger, particularly in the distinctive architecture favored by these dukes and kings. Today, Piedmont is clearly a region with a very real sense of its heritage.

The legendary city of Turin enjoys its present-day wealth due to it being the center of the Fiat car empire. Its prestigious past is evident in the breathtaking Baroque city center, which is filled with ornate palaces, churches and museums to discover. Turin’s museums are highly recommended, containing paintings from northern Europe and antiquities from Egypt.

Saluzzo, some 40 miles south of Turin, is another highlight of Piedmont. Its lovely streets, lined with medieval and renaissance period buildings, are a delight to explore. Saluzzo’s castle, Gothic church and sumptuous 15th century Gothic palace are all must-sees, as is the historic Castello di Manta, just 5 minutes outside the town.

Saluzzo is a good base from which to discover the Po, Varaita and Maria valleys. Piedmont’s landscapes vary greatly, from the flat paddy fields of the east to the dramatic mountains in the north. Tucked away amongst the hills and valleys are picturesque villages, ski resorts, sanctuaries and many other unexpected features such as the fortified abbey in the Susa valley and the hot spa on the outskirts of Asti.

One of the many pretty towns in Piedmont is Alba, surrounded by gentle hills. Alba is a center of gastronomic delights, specializing in fine red wine and delicate white truffles.

All in all, a wedding in Piedmont is undoubtedly the most romantic way to discover this lovely region of Italy.