Destination Weddings in Molise

The region of Molise, in central Italy, is a lovely place to get married in Italy. Much of the region is rural, with lovely green fields and a stretch of coast. Forty percent of Molise is covered by mountains, and hiking is a popular activity. The mountain Monte La Gallinola offers the best views, right across the peninsula.

The flavor of the past remains in Molise, with age-old traditions such as lace-making and chariot racing still holding strong in the region.

Some fascinating Roman ruins have been preserved here, the best being at Saepinum, which was a provincial town in Roman times. Saepinum is close to the regional capital, Campobasso, whose Samnite museum contains local archaeological finds. There are also two Romanesque churches in the upper town.

Molise’s other main city is Isernia, a modern metropolis, much of which has been constructed since a 1984 earthquake. The city features a fascinating museum which details the incredible discovery, made in 1979, of the remains of a million year old village in the area.

Larino is an attractive town, with a well-preserved medieval center that includes a cathedral, Roman ruins and a museum that features Roman mosaics. The bustling old town is a delight to explore, whilst the new town provides a real contrast.

Molise‘s one coastal town, Térmoli, is a quiet and relaxing resort. A 13th century castle stands above the sandy beach and the Romanesque cathedral contains relics of St. Timothy.

In summary, Molise is a low-key, scenic region that is a great choice for your destination wedding in Italy.