Destination Weddings in Macerata

Sitting atop a sun-drenched hill on the East coast of Italy, just a few short minutes from the shores of the deep blue Adriatic Sea, lies the Medieval walled city of Macerata, the provincial capital of the Marche region of Italy.

View of city centre of destination wedding location Macerata

Every year Macerata hosts one of the largest opera and jazz festivals in all of Italy.

Within the 700-year-old walls of this beautiful and romantic town are countless medieval churches and Villas, the second largest open-air opera amphitheatre in all of Italy, a thriving University, and so much more. Thanks in large part to the University, Macerata has a thriving nightlife as well as its more serene and romantic side.

Every year hundreds of couples from around the world are drawn to the charms and the beauty of this ancient town as a place to say their vows and to become man and wife.

The past and the present join forces to make your wedding a truly unique event.

While there are several ancient and inspiring churches in Macerata, several dating from the 13th and 14th century, non-Italians should be aware that arranging for a Catholic wedding ceremony without first participating in a civil ceremony, is extremely difficult. It is possible that an experienced wedding planner could negotiate the white water shoals of the Italian legal and church system and, in time, make the arrangements, but a much simpler answer is to have a beautiful civil ceremony first.

The Macerata wedding hall is in a beautiful older building with a gorgeous view of olive groves and rolling green hills that seem to go on forever. In many cases the Mayor of Macerata himself will conduct your ceremony, and it is permissible for you to include your own vows and short poetry readings.

Once your civil ceremony is complete, you are free to hold the religious or symbolic ceremony you have always dreamed of.

Once your civil ceremony is completed, it is possible that your wedding planner can arrange for a Catholic ceremony within one of Macerata’s awe-inspiring cathedrals, or arrange for a Protestant wedding or a symbolic wedding in one of many stately Villas or in a hotel or other scenic location around the town.

If you have always dreamed of being wed in an ancient walled city, in a Villa or a church that has witnessed the birth of more than 200 generations, then let your dreams run free over the sun-drenched hills of Eastern Italy, and let them come to Earth atop this ancient hill on which sits the town of Macerata.