Lake Maggiore

Destination Weddings in Lake Maggiore

For more than 2000 years the Lakes Region of Italy, on the border with Switzerland, has been one of the most idyllic and romantic places in the world for both a wedding and a honeymoon – and Lake Maggiore, the second largest of the Lakes, is arguably the most beautiful and the most awe-inspiring.

Lake Maggiore has been a haven for lovers since the time of the great Roman Empire. The area is covered with ancient Roman ruins and filled with castles and churches dating back five to six hundred years, giving this place a sense of history and continuity that few other regions can boast. More recently Lake Maggiore has been a favorite of Queen Victoria, Winston Churchill, playwright George Bernard Shaw, Novelist Ernest Hemingway, and so many more.

Ferry on Lake Maggiore

More importantly, Lake Maggiore attracts lovers from all over the world. Its timeless beauty, its tranquility, and its storybook-like quality touch a nerve in all of us and make this a much sought-after destination for both weddings and honeymoons.

Civil wedding ceremonies around Lake Maggiore are like no other civil ceremonies anywhere in the world. You arrive by boat or by horse drawn coach and climb ancient marble steps into a stunning art-filled wedding hall that was ancient at the time Columbus first set foot in the Americas. As you gaze through leaded windows at the tranquil beauty of the Lake, with the snow-tipped Alps reflected in its mirror-like surface, the Mayor of the town himself pronounces you husband and wife.

Following your civil ceremony, your wedding planner can arrange for your dream wedding in one of the hundreds of ancient and awe-inspiring Catholic Churches that surround the Lake, or make arrangements for a Protestant or Jewish or symbolic wedding ceremony at any of hundreds of 12th century castles, stately private Villas, incredibly scenic flower-filled parks, on a beautiful flower-bedecked boat floating serenely in the Lake, in the ballroom or rooftop garden of a 5-star hotel, or virtually anywhere else your wedding fantasies take you.

You and your family and guests will be delighted at the fabulous wedding reception that your wedding facilitator can arrange for you at a beautiful 5-star hotel or restaurant or at one of the princely Villas surrounding the Lake. The food and the wine will be the very best that Italy has to offer and the music, the songs, the dance, the wedding toasts and the merriment will live in your memory for the rest of your life.

If you are looking for a special place for your most special day, a place which seems lifted straight out of the pages of an ancient book of fairytales, then Lake Maggiore is the wedding destination you have been dreaming of your entire life.