Lake Lugano

Destination Weddings in Lake Lugano

Lake Lugano, near the Swiss border, is one of the smaller but more beautiful of the lakes which comprise Italy’s famed Lakes Region. Its beautiful lake walk lined with palm trees and its year-round mild climate makes Lake Lugano a Mecca for lovers from all parts of the world.

View of Lake Lugano

If you are looking for a peaceful and tranquil place for your wedding and honeymoon, Lake Lugano is the perfect place for you. Close enough to the other lakes of the region and to Switzerland to make day trips a pleasure, Lake Lugano offers privacy and intimacy as well as spectacular natural beauty.

There are several ancient churches and ancient monuments and villas around the lake which provide the perfect location for your religious or symbolic wedding ceremony. And the ancient and ornate town hall in the quaint and charming village of Lugano on the shores of Lake Lugano is both a beautiful as well as memorable place to hold your civil ceremony. You can count on the Mayor of Lugano himself performing your memorable civil ceremony. And remember, unlike many other country’s in Europe, Italy has no residency requirement for marriages; you may be married in Lake Lugano in as few as three days.

Once your civil ceremony is taken care of, your experienced wedding planner can make all of the arrangements for a spectacular Catholic wedding in a 400-year-old Catholic church filled with ancient hand-pained frescoes and original works of art dating back to the Renaissance.

Your wedding consultant can also make arrangements for a Protestant or Jewish or symbolic ceremony at any number of beautifully-maintained private Villas, luxury restaurants or hotels, or even on a flower-covered boat on the tranquil lake itself.

Your wedding reception can be held at a private Villa or you and your guests can glide across the lake and enjoy a festive evening at a 5-star hotel or fine restaurant. You and your family and guests can count on dining on some of the best food in the world and drinking the finest wines that Italy has to offer. And you can also count on a rousing good party, filled with hot-blooded music, lots of dancing and singing and toasts until the sun sets fire to the tips of the Alps reflected in the crystal clear water of the Lake.
Magical is really the only word that can describe a wedding on Lake Lugano. If you have always dreamed of a magical storybook wedding on a beautiful fairytale lake, then make plans today to hold your wedding on the enchanted shores of Lake Lugano.