Lake Iseo & Franciacorta

Destination Weddings in Lake Iseo & Franciacorta

Little known outside Italy, Lake Iseo is smaller in the Lake Region but considerably quieter and more charming. It is located in Lombardy, northern Italy, between the larger and more famous Lake Garda and Lake Como. Like them, it is a long and narrow lake winding north-south and sheltered by mountains.

Lake Iseo

Lake Iseo is full of fish which are served at restaurants all around its shores. It’s also a richly agricultural area, with small vineyards, allotments and olive groves stuffed with abundance. Ancient chestnut groves are found on the little Monte Isola’s slopes, in the middle of the lake. Further north, Sulzano is a smaller settlement which is a base for exploring the island; there are ferries plying back and forth making the five-minute trip.

The lake is close to the towns of Brescia and Bergamo, and it has fairly good transport connections with a useful little railway running from Brescia up the eastern shore of the lake and through the mountainous valley to the north, the Valle Camonica. The eastern shore of the lake has the most pretty towns, the western shore is steeper and rockier, meanwhile on the southern shore of Lake Iseo, lays one of the most distinguished areas in Lombardy: Franciacorta.


Franciacorta is distinguished by a unique territorial identity that occupies an isolated spot of rolling hills, moderate temperatures and calcareous and sandy soils.

Thanks to is favorable position set between the imposing mountains to the north and the Pianura Padana plains to the south, Franciacorta experiences dramatic variation between daytime and nighttime temperatures. This huge variance helps achieve balance between ripeness and acidity in the maturing grape clusters. Gentle breezes from the lakes help mitigate humidity and keep the vines aerated and healthy.

Since the post-war, Italian economic miracle has its origins here and the sparkling wines of Franciacorta are poignantly symbolic of northern Italy’s impressive economic strength.