Destination Weddings in Tremosine

Tremosine is located in the Parco Alto Garda Bresciano (Brescian Upper Garda Park) and is enveloped by a stunning, scenic panorama. The mountains are high in this area, but they fade into the blue of Lake Garda. An unspoiled landscape, Tremosine is a plateau filled with vivid green colors that stretch from the mountains to the lake. Many have said that the vistas in Tremosine inspire artists and poets and spark innovation and creativity in the hearts and minds of all who take in its natural beauty.

View over Tremosine

Tremosine is known for its sophisticated cuisine. The restaurants offer local fares laced with native oleanders, rosemary and olives. There are a number of farms that specialize in specific products and follow the well-known farming traditions of the region. The local growers produce healthy products usually with a low oleic acid content, which gives them high digestibility. The Mediterranean and Alpine flavors are evident in all foods ranging from the fish to the meats, wines and cheese varieties. The olive oil is the pride of the local farmers, and thanks to the sunny climate in the area, the conditions are perfect to grow these exquisite products. A number of delicious mushroom varieties grow in the hills of this rich area during the autumn months. Among the most cherished is the famous truffle, which enhances any dish. Both the superior white truffle and the black variety grow in Tremosine.

During the month of June, a well-loved food and wine celebration takes place. Participants walk about five miles on a trail that weaves through the woods, meadows and pastures, and through the charming villages of Tremosine. The event features a specific menu, set throughout seven villages in Tremosine. In each village, a stand is available where the local food of that town is presented.

A wedding in Tremosine would provide a perfect setting for a bona fide Italian experience. Particularly for those with a gastronomic bend, this area makes an unmatched backdrop for a splendid marriage ceremony.