Chiesa San Nicolò

Wedding in Gardone Riviera

Built on the site of an existing building from 1391, the church is the work of Mr Paul Soratini, from Lonato. It was completed in 1740, it has two paintings (Pietà and Pentecoste) by Zenon Veronese (1484-1553), a painting by Palma the Younger (1570-1596) with the Madonna, Gesù, S. Michele, S. Nicolò and S. Antonio Abbot, a painting by Andrea Celesti (1637-1712) with S. Nicolò, S. Antonio Abbot and SS. Faustino and Giovita, frescoes by Francesco Monti (1683-1768) including “the Assumption of Mary” (1750 ca), the fourteen paintings of the Via Crucis by Augustus Lozza.

Chiesa San Nicolò (1)

The image of “The Madonna of Fraole” (the first altar on the left) is an object of particular devotion and in her honor we celebrate a great festival with a procession at the beginning of October.The apse facing the lake, is surrounded by a balcony that gives a large tour d’horizon on the lake from Punta San Vigilio, Peschiera, Sirmione, la the Fortress of Manerba and the Isle of Garda.