Destination Weddings in Cremona

Music, mathematicians, memorable events during the Middle Ages – you will find all this and much more if you decide on a destination wedding in Cremona. The city of Cremona is worthy of much more than a passing visit.

Cremona Cathedral

The Celtics are said to be the first to have founded the city, followed as by the Romans in 218 BC who declared it a Colonia or military outpost. After being destroyed by Vespasian in 69 AD and again by the Lombard king Agiluif in 603 Cremona continued to experience ups and downs until the 12th century when it became a learning center for music. In the 16th century the Armati, Guaneri and Stadivari shops developed stringed instruments of different types that are famous to this day.

Today Cremona is live with Renaissance and Baroque musical concerts and cultural events of many different types. There are an unlimited number of things a visitor can do and places to visit in Cremona.