Fairy-tale Castle

Venue in Bergamo

Fairy-tale Castle, built on the crag of Carobbio, dominates the plain. Deeds dated from 1039 document its existence as a private property. Following the expansion of Venice on the Bergamo territory, in 1472 the castle, and the annexed church of Santa Maria, was donated to the order of the Carmelites. In 1475, the monks founded and maintained a convent there until it was suppressed in 1770. Afterwards, the castle was owned by various families.

Fairy-tale Castle

A recent restoration effected by the current owner allowed to recover and enhance the squared stonework medieval structures, the external wall, the pointed-arch entrance portal, the convent cloister and the remains of the keep, the oldest part of the fortification. There is a splendid cloister in the central body of the Castle with a Florentine terracotta floor and a boxwood hedge geometrically sculpted in an Italian-style garden, date back to the period of the ancient Carmelites monks. The area beneath its portico can accommodate a buffet for opening or ending the event.

This long and narrow room, well-arranged beneath the cross-vaulted ceiling, features a frescoed nativity scene and the date the work was painted: “1705”. Two large fragments of wall painting with the images of Saints Peter and Paul are also visible on the supporting wall. Decompression room and passageway between the Fresco Room and the Nave of the Convent Church. The great hall of the ancient Convent Church keeps its monumental qualities intact, rising up to the lofty vault from which three magnificent chandeliers in Murano glass descend. This single open space allows the superb architectural structure to be admired and to optimally exploit its totality. The original entrance portal was widened and embellished by a crystal compass, offering an extraordinary panorama and incredible plays of light and color from within.

The Castle can offer 3 suites or 3 historical rooms where the guests can enjoy a dreamlike experience between history and modernity. Through its intimacy and charm, each room name evokes the personalities of the women who have marked the Castle’s contemporary history.

Fairy-tale Castle always guarantees the exclusive location. The celebrated will be the only real “home protagonists”, who can enjoy every space dedicated to the event and choose in detail every nuance. Bride and groom are free to interpreting the banquet service, they can choose between the indoor restaurant, with typical local product, or an outside catering service.