Destination Weddings in Lombardy

Lombardy was formerly ruled by both France and Austria, and much of the region consequently has a very cosmopolitan feel. The best of the scenery is found in the north, whilst for a real sense of Italy‘s history, don’t miss the medieval towns in southern Lombardy.

The stunning lakes region of northern Lombardy cannot fail to captivate every visitor. The famous lakes are separated by picturesque mountains and valleys, and each one has its own special charm. Beautiful Lake Como is surrounded by mountains, whilst Lake Garda is the best for water sports and Lake Maggiore features many quiet resorts along its banks. Lake Orta is perhaps the most popular, particularly for the romantic village of Orta San Guilo.

Amongst the lakes, valleys and low mountains of northern Lombardy are the cities of Brescia and Bergamo. The lovely walled center of Bergamo is well worth an afternoon of exploring.

Lombardy’s capital city is Milan, internationally renowned for its high fashion and lively cultural life. Its superb museums and art galleries alone draw visitors from all over the world. Milan‘s breathtaking cathedral and diverse architecture are also unforgettable.

The south of the region also features several medieval towns and cities. Pavia and Cremona are both tranquil, historic towns, with streets that sometimes appear to have been frozen in time many centuries before. The city of Mantua is best known for its extravagant palaces, from which the Gonzaga family ruled the surrounding region for three hundred years.

Whether your preference is for urban or rural Italy, history or scenery, you will find it in Lombardy – a wedding destination filled with atmosphere and romance.