Santa Marinella

Destination Weddings in Santa Marinella

A picturesque and quaint location for your Italian wedding is the coastal town of Santa Marinella. This little seaport is about a 50 minute train ride or a 40 minute drive northwest of the “eternal city” of Rome; that historical and romantic destination sometimes called the birthplace of western civilization.

Santa Marinella is charming; a location at once central and yet apart. It borders the harbor of Civitavecchia, the mountainous municipality of Tolfa with its wine trails, and the Tyrrhenian sea. A sweet seaport town, it is part of the province of Rome and the region of Lazio.

While you wed and honeymoon in Santa Marinella, there are many activities to engage in. The beach features all of the water sports you can imagine: swimming, sailing, diving or snorkeling, surfing, fishing, and windsurfing. Other pursuits include shopping, horseback riding, hiking in nearby nature reserves, wine tasting at famous vineyards, and fabulous dining. An interesting fifteenth century castle, surrounded by Italian pines and palm trees, and built on the ruins of Ulpiano’s villa, dominates the small seaport.

Santa Severa, a subdivision of Santa Marinella, is home to another ancient castle, and, in addition to that, it is close to the archaeological sites at Tarquinia and other medieval villages with churches and convents.

Several elegant villas built in this area during the first years of the nineteen hundreds are beautiful examples of the Liberty style, called Stile Floreale in Italy, Art Nouveau in France, Arte Modernista in Spain and Jugendstil in Germany; an architectural and artistic style that swept Europe between the end of the eighteen hundreds and the nineteen twenties.

Since a mild climate is enjoyed in the Santa Marinella seaside, it is considered a year-round destination. There are many activities to view while you relax in Civitavecchia, a harbor for Sardinia, Sicily, and Spain. Also, you may want to take in a theatrical performance, movie, or go to one of the museums.

With plenty to do and see, beginning your marriage here amidst the seascapes, mountains, vineyards, and ruins is sure to be a wonderful beginning.