Destination Weddings in Rieti

A little north of Rome, nestled at the foot of Monte Terminillo, lies the historic town of Rieti. From ancient times Rieti was viewed as the geographical center of Italy and, in fact, if you walk just off the main town square to the Piazza San Rufo, there is even an official plaque proclaiming Rieti to be the exact center of Italy.

The lakes and valleys of Rieti have long been fought over by many different people. Because of this the architecture, the art and the history of Rieti is a blend of many different influences, including many beautiful ancient buildings which reflect the influence of the Arab invasion of the late 9th century as well as the remains of a truly impressive city wall built in the 12th century.

Throughout the town’s long and colorful history many palaces have been built in Rieti. In the center of the city is the famed Vecchiarelli Palace, built by Carlo Maderno, and lower down, overlooking the older part of the city, is the magnificent Prefettura Palace, filled with jaw-dropping works of art. These beautiful buildings are not to be missed.

Today Rieti and the area around it is famous for its nature preserves, lush groves of ancient olive trees which are renown throughout the world for their extra virgin oil, and winter sports. Monte Terminillo is one of the premiere ski slopes of central Italy. Lush vegetation and fragrant gardens overflowing with exotic flowers fill every unused space in this quaint and romantic town.

Rieti is a wonderful town for walking. On Vittorio Emanuele II square, near the center of town, is the stunning Wedding Hall, originally built in the 13th century and extensively remodeled four centuries later. Rieti is such a lovely town and its Wedding Hall is so splendid that movie star Gina Lollobrigida was married in Rieti. Couples from all over the world come to this tranquil and beautiful spot to tie-the-knot.

Whether you are speaking of geography or history or art or romance, the city of Rieti truly is the center of everything Italian.