Lake Bracciano

Weddings in Lake Bracciano

If your wedding fantasies have you saying your vows in a huge, impressive, stone castle lit by flickering torches, the castle that you are picturing in your imagination is the Castle at Lake Bracciano. This 500-year-old castle is the most magnificent castle in all of Italy, quite possibly the most impressive and imposing ancient castle left in all the world. Once you see a photograph of this castle you will understand what we mean.

View of destination wedding location Lake Bracciano

Only 35 minutes outside of Rome, Lake Bracciano seems as if it is part of a different world, set in a different time. Castles and grand, stately Villas dot the landscape. The feeling that settles over you as you walk the narrow cobbled streets of the ancient villages surrounding this magnificent lake is one of permanence and continuity. This truly is a magical place.

This Lake has worked its magic on thousands of other couples as well. Many of the world’s wealthiest couples have chosen the Castle at Lake Bracciano for their fantasy wedding, and this can be the location for your Protestant, civil or symbolic wedding ceremony as well.

In addition to The Castle at Lake Bracciano there are several other impressive and ancient fairytale-like castles and Villas that make Lake Bracciano one of the hottest places for marriages in all of Italy. Remember, unlike many other European countries, Italy has no residency requirements for being married in Italy. You can be married in as few as three days after arriving in Italy.

Your wedding planner can help you arrange all of the necessary paperwork and get the proper stamps to expedite your wedding in Lake Bracciano. Civil wedding ceremonies, which generally must precede any religious ceremony, can be held in several different castles and in ancient town wedding halls whose beauty will take your breath away. Civil weddings are almost always conducted by the town’s Mayor and personal vows are almost always welcome.

Once your civil ceremony is completed, your wedding consultant can arrange for your Catholic wedding at any of a dozen awe-inspiring 12th and 13th century churches surrounding the lake. Your wedding facilitator can also arrange for Protestant, Jewish or symbolic weddings at any number of ancient castles, stunning private Villas, 5-star hotels, or at virtually any place around the lake that your heart so desires.

Your memorable wedding reception can be held at any number of 5-star hotels or restaurants around the Lake, or it can be arrange a short 35 minute limo ride away in Rome itself. Either way you and you family and guests will dine on the best gourmet food that Italy has to offer and spend the evening sipping some of the finest wines in the world.

If you are looking for a storybook wedding in one of the most idyllic and charming sites in all the world, then contact your wedding planner today and make arrangements to tie the knot in the romantic and fairytale place known as Lake Bracciano.