Destination Weddings in Frascati

Frascati is a town located 20 km south-east of Rome on the Alban Hills close to the ancient city of Tusculum and today is renowned for its white wine, Frascati.

The most important archeological finding, dating back to the late Republican Age, is a patrician villa probably belonging to Lucullus.

In the first century AD the owner was Gaius Sallustius Crispus Passienus, who married Agrippina the Younger, mother of Nero. Later his properties were confiscated by the Flavian imperial dynasty (69 – 96 AD). Consul Flavius Clemens lived in the villa with his wife Domitilla during the rule of Domitian.

According to the Liber Pontificalis, in the 9th century Frascati was a little village. The name of the city probably comes from a typical local tradition of collecting firewood or frasche in Italian.

In 1616 the first public and free school in Europe was started up on the initiative of Saint Joseph Calasanz.

Frascati is famous for its notable villas, which were built from the 16th century on by Popes, cardinals and Roman nobles to demonstrate the power and wealth of the Roman aristocracy. These country mansions used for social activities rather than farming.

The main villas of Frascati are:

  • Villa Aldobrandini
  • Villa Parisi
  • Villa Falconieri
  • Villa Grazioli