Destination Weddings in Civitavecchia

Civitavecchia or ancient town is a sea port on the Tyrrhenian Sea located 80 kilometers west-north-west of Rome, across from the Mignone river. Civitavecchia was built over a pre-existing Etruscan settlement and today is a major cruise and ferry port with some fishing activity.

The harbor was constructed by Emperor Trajan during the 2nd century. At first referred to as Centum Cellae in a letter by Pliny the Younger in AD 107.

In the high Middle Ages, Centumcellae became a Byzantine stronghold, but it was captured by the Saracens in 828 and later purchased by the Papal States.

Becoming a free port under Pope Innocent XII in 1696 and the main port of Rome in modern era, it was then occupied by the French in 1849. On April 16, 1859 it was connected to city of Rome by railroad and in 1870 the Papal troops opened the gates of the fortress to the Italian general Nino Bixio.

The massive Forte Michelangelo. The fortress was built over an ancient Roman construction, probably the barracks of the classiarii or mariners of the Imperial Fleet.

  •    The Rocca or castle that was re-built in the late 15th century by Pope Sixtus V
  •    The cathedral of San Francesco d’Assisi built by the Franciscans over a pre-existing church dating to 1610.
  •    North of the city at Ficoncella are the Terme Taurine or baths frequented by Romans and still popular with the Civitavecchiesi