Destination Weddings in Anzio

To the south and west of Rome, along the tranquil coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea lies the beautiful town of Anzio. Perhaps best known as the landing point for allied troops during World War II, today Anzio is a laid-back seaside resort community and a favorite wedding destination for couples looking for a romantic and historic place to wed.

View of destination wedding location Anzio

Anzio is the perfect hub for a variety of fascinating day-trips following your wedding ceremony.

Anzio is primarily a farming and fishing community, with a few nice hotels and a relatively famous seaside restaurant. Anzio is a wonderful place for a relaxed and stress-free wedding and it is a wonderful hub for day trips to many unspoiled and interesting sites, including ancient Abbies and the 500-year-old villas of Popes and Roman royalty. It is also within easy driving distance of Rome.

There are many ancient churches in the Anzio area as well as villas and modern hotels, all of which make for wonderful wedding locations.

For a wedding in Anzio you will need your passport and a certified copy of your birth certificate that is no more than six months old. You will also need a sworn statement, signed by four witnesses, which states that there is no legal reason why you cannot marry. If this is not your first wedding you will also need a certified copy of your divorce decree or a copy of your former spouse’s death certificate. If under 18 years of age you must have written consent from a parent or legal guardian in order to get married.

All legal documents brought to Italy from the U.S. need what is known as a “Hague Certification.” Your state’s Secretary of State will be able to supply this certification.

There are no residency requirements or waiting periods for non-Italians who wish to wed in Anzio.

In addition, non-Italians need not publish their wedding banns (wedding announcement) prior to the ceremony. Be advised, however, that even though there are no residency requirements it is still highly recommended that either the prospective bride or groom arrive in Italy two to three days before the ceremony in order to verify that all paperwork has been received and is in proper order.

Do yourself a huge favor and hire a friendly and experienced wedding planner who can walk your paperwork through the maze of the Italian legal system.

The majority of non-Italian bride and grooms take advantage of the services of a skilled and experienced wedding planner to make certain that all of their paperwork is in order, that all proper seals have been obtained, and that all signatures are where they need to be. Your wedding planner can also walk paperwork into the proper office and make final arrangements for both civil as well as religious or symbolic weddings.

Make plans to hold a civil wedding ceremony prior to your religious or symbolic ceremony.

While Italian law recognizes religious weddings as valid, the hoops which non-Italians must go through to have a Roman Catholic wedding or any other religious ceremony are so cumbersome that the vast majority of couples opt to have a civil wedding ceremony first, followed (often the same day) by a religious or a symbolic ceremony.

Once a couple has a civil wedding license in-hand, then a religious or a symbolic ceremony is much simpler to arrange. Your wedding planner will have details on both civil as well as religious and symbolic weddings.

Anzio is a place for lovers who wish a quiet, relaxing and romantic wedding ceremony and a memorable reception, with fine food, plenty of wine, music, dancing and singing – while all the while staying just a few short minutes from Rome!