Destination Weddings in Vernazza

By most accounts, Vernazza is the pearl along the strand that makes up Italy’s famed Cinque Terre (Five Lands). Hugging the picturesque and rugged coastline of Italy’s stunning Riviera, Vernazza is part of a protected and historic site and is itself designated “an historical traditional Italian small village”.

View of destination wedding location Vernazza on Italy's Cinque Terra


Vernazza appears to have been lifted straight out of the pages of your favorite book of childhood fairytales.

The beauty of the small, sheltered bay, the breathtaking views from virtually anywhere in this impossible cliffside community, and the ancient, 16th century watchtower of the Doria Castle all combine to produce a wedding location that cannot be matched anywhere else on Earth.

Once you have breathed the clear air and walked its cobblestone streets, you know, deep in your heart, that this place is truly magical and every moment here must be savored and treasured.

Vernazza, with its tall, thin brightly-colored houses, dominated by cheerful pinks and yellows, clinging tenaciously to the steep sides of the mountain which rises up from the deep azure waters of the Mediterranean, seems at first glance to be straight out of the pages of an ancient fairytale; and once you walk its narrow and winding cobblestone streets, and come unexpectedly upon its enchanting and fragrant flower gardens and ancient ruins, you’ll know that Vernazza doesn’t just seem to have been lifted from the pages of the Brothers Grimm, Vernazza is a childhood dream come to life!

Imagine yourself walking to your wedding in your beautiful wedding gown as people step out of their houses and come out of the shops just to give you their blessings and to wish you a long and happy life!

Imagine dressing in your gorgeous wedding gown and walking from your charming hotel to your wedding location while everyone on the streets smiles and waves and yells “Beautiful! Beautiful!”. People come out of their houses and out of the shops along the winding road to greet you with warm, open smiles and words of encouragement. You are the center of attention and the entire town is your family whether you have ever met any of them before or not. This is just the way it is here in Vernazza. Everyone loves a wedding, and everyone wishes you the very best.

Your civil wedding may be held out of doors, in the charming town square, with the Mayor of Vernazza presiding and the entire town joining in the celebration!

When the weather is warm and the sun is bright – which is most of the time in this almost magical place – civil weddings are often held out of doors, in the beautiful town square, with the whole town sharing in your happiness. The Mayor of the town himself will usually preside, and couples are encouraged to read their own vows or to read poetry or whatever else is meaningful to them. Below, the warm and ancient Mediterranean laps gently at the shore.

Your Catholic ceremony will be held in a 700-year-old church built of natural stone right on the ocean’s shore.

Your Catholic wedding can be held in the 13th century church that dominates the small town square. Just outside the ancient and breathtaking church is the shore of the deep blue ocean, offering its eternal blessing as well. The church’’s unique and impressive belltower rises forty feet above the square, a beacon of sanctuary for 700 years.

The spacious and ornate interior can accommodate even large weddings, and can be made cozy enough to encourage even the smallest ceremony.

Many couples opt to simplify their lives by holding a beautiful civil ceremony first, followed by the religious or symbolic ceremony of their dreams.

While religious weddings are recognized in Italy, and it is possible to make all of the arrangements for a solely Catholic wedding ceremony, the time and the paperwork required for that encourages many couples to opt for a charming and memorable civil wedding first, followed by the religious or symbolic ceremony of their choice. Some couples have even been known to hold a secret civil ceremony in their own country and then treat family and friends to an elaborate religious ceremony in Vernazza, with only a few church officials knowing the real situation.

Once a civil wedding license has been obtained, it is relatively easy to arrange for a Catholic wedding or a protestant wedding or a meaningful symbolic ceremony to be held in this storybook village.

Simplify, simplify, simply – make your life easier by hiring an experienced and friendly wedding planner to take care of the thousand and one details that make a wedding perfect.

It is strongly recommended that you hire an experienced and friendly wedding planner who can not only walk your paperwork through the Italian legal system but who can also make all the local arrangements for the wedding location, the flowers, the music, photographers, and the food and fine Italian wine for the reception.

If you’ve fantasized about your perfect dream wedding in a romantic and picturesque village overlooking the deep blue Mediterranean ocean, then allow those dreams to take shape and spring to life at your storybook wedding in Vernazza.