San Remo

Destination Weddings in San Remo

The sunny and beautiful seaside community of San Remo, on the Italian Riviera, not far from the border with France, has been a favorite vacation spot for European nobility since the late 1800s and more recently has become one of the hot spots for jetsetters from around the world. If anything, the popularity of San Remo has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 100 years. Today San Remo is the year-round playground for the wealthy.

View of the harbor of destination wedding location San Remo, on the Italian Riviera


San Remo has sunny warm days almost the whole year.

One reason San Remo attracts the rich and famous like moths to a candle is its unique climate. Thanks to the high mountains to the north, San Remo is spared the cold winters which many of it neighboring towns must endure. Geographically San Remo is an island of year round warmth and sunshine, and the hundreds of exclusive and ornate villas and castle in the area attest to the popularity of this region with the world’s upper class.

San Remo has historical ties than span more than 100 years.

But there’s a lot more to San Remo than just the year-round sunshine sparkling on the deep blue waters of its two unique harbors. In fact, many people feel that the best way to truly appreciate the beauty of San Remo is to view it from the sea. The town itself extends into the middle of a wide inlet. On the hills above the newer seaside part of town is La Pigna, the ancient part of the city which dates back more than a thousand years. Here you will find romantic cobblestone streets that wind lazily through colorful houses and shops, many of which date back hundreds of years. Higher up on the hill, overlooking all of San Remo, is the ancient sanctuary of the Madonna della Costa.

Closer to shore is the more modern San Remo, with its five-star hotels fit for royalty and its world-class restaurants, nightclubs and discos. Here you can stroll along the sand almost hand in hand with the cream of the world’s society.

San Remo is known all over the world for the quality and unequaled variety of its flowers.

Then there are the flowers. San Remo is surrounded by greenhouses growing the largest profusion of flowers anywhere on Earth. The flowers of San Remo are eagerly sought after by all the finest dealers from New York, to Tokyo, to Moscow and beyond. San Remo flowers grace the wedding halls of virtually ever royal wedding held anywhere in the world.

At your wedding ceremony in San Remo you can enjoy the same beautiful and unique flowers that grace the weddings of movie stars and European Royalty.

Whether you plan a religious ceremony or a civil wedding, the services of a professional wedding planner are vital.

While there are many gorgeous and ancient churches in San Remo, it is very difficult for a non-Italian couple to have only a Catholic wedding ceremony. In order to stand even a chance of having a religious ceremony without first having a civil ceremony, you would need the services of an experienced wedding planner who is familiar with the churches and the priests of San Remo. Plan on a lengthy process.

Start with a beautiful and moving civil wedding ceremony held in a stately Villa.

What most couples do instead is to have a beautiful civil ceremony first. Once your civil ceremony is concluded and you have a civil wedding license in hand, then arranging for a Catholic, Protestant, Jewish or Symbolic wedding becomes much simpler, although the procedures which you must follow, and the paperwork you must obtain for any wedding in Italy makes the helpful services of a friendly wedding planner virtually a must.

Your civil wedding in San Remo will not be a drab affair. Plan on your nuptials being held in a beautiful, ancient villa, surrounded by a stunning garden. The ceremony itself may be performed by the Mayor of San Remo himself. You will have the opportunity to read your own vows or poetry. Civil ceremonies are generally performed only on Thursdays, so plan to have your paperwork ready at least eight weeks before your ceremony date, and also plan to arrive in Italy at least three business days ahead of your scheduled wedding in order to obtain the finale signatures necessary for your civil license to be issued.

Symbolic wedding ceremonies can be arranged virtually anywhere you heart desires.

Symbolic and protestant weddings can be arranged in a variety of stunning locales around San Remo. Many couples choose to tie the knot aboard a yacht or sailboat or in another spot meaningful to them.

Once your ceremony is concluded, you will be in the premier city for a wedding reception. Few places on earth have more five-star facilities or more out-of-the-way hideaways for a truly memorable reception – and obviously you and your family and friends will be treated to the finest Italian cuisine and world-renown fine wines.

And don’t forget the San Remo flowers!

If you would like help finding the best local caterers, the finest local wedding photographers (still and video), the perfect florist who will provide precisely what you wish, and the finest luxury vehicles to transport you and your guests, then we would be pleased to relieve you of these important but time-consuming details.

Let San Remo bring all of your wedding fantasies to life!

No matter what your pleasure is, from golf to sailing to shopping to sun worshipping and more, the picture-perfect seaside resort of San Remo on the Italian Riviera can make all of your dreams come true. Why not make plans today to join the glitterati and hold your wedding in the fabulous city of San Remo?