Destination Weddings in Riomaggiore


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If you are looking for unsurpassed beauty and charm, combined with a profound sense of history for your wedding, then you must make plans to come to Riomaggiore, the easternmost of the five medieval villages which make up the world famous Cinque Terre, along the spectacularly rugged western coast of Italy.

Riomaggiore is part of a national nature preserve and a protected marine sanctuary, and is further protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The area offers some of the best snorkeling in the world, many nature walks, and easy access to much of the gorgeous Italian Riviera

The colorful and unique architecture of Riomaggiore is what gives this ancient village much of its charm and romance.

Tucked away in its own tiny valley, Riomaggiore climbs out of the brilliantly blue depths of the Mediterranean and clings to the side of the steeply rising cliff like a starfish clings to a rock. The unique houses of Riomaggiore are all tall and thin, making the maximum possible use of the vertical space available, and almost every building is painted a bright pastel color.

The entire town exudes charm and happiness! There are few vehicles in Riomaggiore; most “roads” consist of narrow, winding footpaths and ancient stone stairs.

Riomaggiore is connected to the four other medieval villages Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso, by a world-famous footpath known as the Path of Love. Everything about Riomaggiore and the surrounding area speaks of romance and love.

Overlooking the town is the ancient church of St. John the Baptist which was built in 1340, along with the truly astounding ruins of the 15th century castle built to protect the village from pirates.

Civil wedding are performed in the wedding hall outside, on a simple balcony overlooking the sea.

The people of Riomaggiore love weddings, and it is common for a bride to put on her wedding dress and walk through the streets of town to her wedding site so that the local townsfolk can come out of their homes and out of the shops to wish her a long and happy life and to tell her own wonderfully radiant and beautiful she is.

Civil ceremonies are performed by a local official and you can add your own personal vows and enhanche the event with your own poems.

Flowers and music are permitted and the entire affaire is treated as a cause for village-wide celebration.

When you are in Riomaggiore you are always among “family!”

Catholic ceremonies may be possible. Many couples choose to hold a civil ceremony in their own country and then treat friends and family to a religious ceremony in Riomaggiore.

Your wedding planner may also be able to arrange for a Protestant wedding in a scenic location and can most certainly arrange for a beautiful and meaningful Symbolic wedding ceremony at a number of gorgeous sites in and around Riomaggiore.

Following your wedding there are a number of sea view restaurants for your wedding reception. Almost any type of food can be arranged, with many local seafood delicacies recommended.

Riomaggiore is also known world-wide for a wonderful white wine made from grapes grown locally!