Destination Weddings in Portofino

Get married in beautiful Portofino, a tiny village on Italy’s Ligurian Riviera. Portofino has been a chic and elite destination for decades, with Princess Grace of Monaco, Humphrey Bogart and Sophia Loren among the many celebrities who have chosen to spend their holidays here.

Portofino’s location is nothing short of idyllic, set in a protected inlet and surrounded by the stunning Italian countryside. Superb views of the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains of Corsica can be enjoyed from the summit of Monte Portofino, which stands tall over the village.


Portofino has a pretty harbor, with superb restaurants and boutiques selling Italian lace strung along the waterfront. One of the greatest pleasures of Portofino is simply relaxing in the beautiful surroundings and enjoying the lovely Mediterranean climate.

The hills around Portofino are covered with cypress and olive trees, and north west of the village are tranquil vineyards and orchards.

Other nearby attractions include the fishing village of San Fruttuoso, which includes an ancient Benedictine abbey, and several stunning resorts. Just two miles north of Portofino is the sparkling cove of Paraggi, perfect for peaceful swimming and sunbathing.

In the village itself, a footpath will lead you up to the Church of San Giorgio, which is believed to contain relics of Saint George. Just ten minutes further on is the Castello Brown, whose terrace offers great views of Portofino and its harbor.

Your wedding in Portofino will be a romantic, exclusive occasion in stunning surroundings. Portofino has been the choice of the rich and famous for decades – why not make it your choice too?