Destination Weddings in Manarola

There is an unspoiled piece of paradise hidden along a five mile stretch of unspoiled, rugged coastline along the west coast of Italy that few people know about. In this hidden oasis, which can only be arrived at by sea or by train, are five tiny medieval villages, pluck out of time and set precariously on the terraced slopes of a mountain that spills into the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea. Collectively these five quaint and colorful villages are known as the Cinque Terre, or the Five Lands.

View of destination wedding location Manarola, in Cinque Terra

You will find Manarola by following the path known the world over as the Lover’s Path and when you do you will discover a charming village plucked from a different and more romantic era.

One of those villages, Manarola, with its winding cobblestone streets, almost no vehicles, friendly people and the warm ocean lapping at its small, secluded harbor is the perfect location for a storybook wedding. Many people come to Manarola along the scenic and romantic footpath known as the Lover’’s Path. Surrounding the village, as they have for a thousand years, are terraced vineyards which fill the entire village with the heady aroma of grapes and new wine during the harvest season.

The colorful and unique style of housing and the narrow cobblestone streets with their ancient ruins and fragrant flower gardens have all combined to make Manarola one of the hidden treasures sought after by lovers from around the world.

The jumble of colorful Mediterranean and medieval-style houses that cling to the Cliffside and their romantic narrow winding cobblestone paths make Manarola a favorite place for artists, writers, poets – and, most of all – lovers.

Much of the village is built on a promontory which juts out into the deep blue Mediterranean ocean, providing some of the most stunning panoramic views that you’ll find anywhere on Earth, and astoundingly colorful sunsets that have inspired poets and lovers throughout the ages.

Imagine entering an ornate stone church built more than 650 years ago and still in use today!

Down on the small beach, dominating the town’s piazza, is ornately beautiful and awe-inspiring church built in 1338. Services have been conducted here, uninterrupted, for more than 650 years!

Your wedding will begin with a marvelous civil ceremony witnessed by virtually the entire village.

Catholic wedding ceremonies for non-Italians are not common, but an experienced wedding consultant can probably arrange for a wedding in this beautiful and historic church following your civil wedding service. If the weather is nice – and it almost always is – your civil service will take place in the town square, witnessed by virtually the entire village. Your ceremony will be conducted by the Mayor of Manarola and you will be encouraged to add your own personal vows or to read poetry of your choosing.

Weddings in Manarola are community events. It doesn’t matter that you have never been here before, if your wedding is to be conducted in Manarola then you are “family” in this tightly-knit fishing village. When the bride, wearing her gorgeous wedding dress, walks from her hotel to the wedding site, virtually everyone comes out of their houses and out of their shops to wish the bride well and to tell her how radiant she looks – just like a princess in a fairytale!

Following your unforgettable civil ceremony you may enjoy the religious or symbolic ceremony that you have always dreamed of.

Once your civil wedding ceremony is complete, your wedding planner can arrange for a religious or symbolic ceremony that will fulfill your every wedding fantasy.

You and your family and guests will be treated like royalty by the people of Manarola.

Manarola boasts three 3-star hotels, several bed and breakfasts, and many people open their homes to visitors, providing them with an authentic glimpse into what is even today virtually a medieval lifestyle. Your wedding reception can be catered by one of the many fine restaurants in Manarola, where the seafood delicacies that Manarola is famous for may be sampled by your family and guests and the world-renown wine produced from the vineyards surrounding the town will allow the fun to continue late into the night.

While it it possible to explore the surrounding towns and villages, including the magnificent Amalfi coast, by car, there is also an excellent train and bus system that connects all of Cinque Terre to Sorrento and beyond.

If you are looking for a relaxed and authentic place to hold your wedding ceremony, among people who truly open their arms and welcome lovers into their “family” then you would do well to make arrangements to tie the knot in the charming seaside village of Manarola, along Italy’s rugged Riviera.

Don’t try to do everything yourself – please allow an experienced wedding planner, who has dealt with the people in Manarola before to make all the arrangements for you.

We highly recommend that you use the services of a friendly and experienced wedding consultant who can make all of the local arrangements as well as make certain that all of the paperwork necessary for your wedding ceremony is properly signed and in the right hands at the necessary time.

We would also like to extend our services to you when it comes to arranging for flowers, photographers (both still and video) as well as any luxury vehicle needs you may have. Please do yourself and everyone else a huge favor and allow us to handle these details for you so that you can concentrate on what is truly important – your one-of-a-kind storybook wedding in the enchanting village of Manarola.