Destination Weddings in Genoa

Genoa is a portal between land and sea on the Italian Riviera.

This city has always been a land that lives and breathes the sea, but you can find different landscapes, from the sea to the Apennine and alpine chains.

Obviously terraced olive groves overlooking green valleys and fields cannot be missing.

If you love art, Genoa also offers some museums, such as the Red Palace, the White Palace, the Palazzo Doria Tursi (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the Royal Palace, where you can admire works by artists such as Caravaggio, Veronese, Tintoretto, Guercino, Jan Roos, Van Dyck, Canova and many others.

The architecture of the Riviera di Levante is famous for its characteristic buildings and pastel-colored walls.

The coast of Tigullio, with Portofino, Rapallo, Santa Margherita Ligure and Sestri Levante following one of the coasts of the area. Paths, bays, coves, cliffs, the sea and its depths – here nature has painted one of the many Italian masterpieces.

However, the true heart of the city is characterized by the atmosphere created by the crystalline water that reflects the colors of the boats.

The hinterland of Genoa also offers interesting itineraries, with many nature reserves.

If you decide that this will be the location for your Italian wedding destination you can’t miss the specialties of the area.

This Pesto, the symbol of Ligurian cuisine, is a simple recipe with an extremely unique taste. Basil, cheese, garlic, olive oil, pine nuts and salt are ground and mixed with a wooden pestle in a marble mortar, they are the perfect seasoning for good pasta (Trofie al pesto).

Other specialties are the focaccia with cheese, the pansotti, the cima (stuffed veal), the stockfish served with Taggiasca olives, the lean capon and many others.

Ideal for surprising your guests during your wedding reception.

For dessert buffet, canestrelli are crunchy almond-based desserts, while pandolce is served on a laurel branch.

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