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Destination Weddings in Finale Ligure

Hugging the warm coast of the Mediterranean, in the gulf of Genoa not too far from Monaco and the border with France, lies the lovely and charming seaside village of Finale Ligure. Finale Ligure is a holiday town, a place where Italians and non-Italians alike come to spend warm, lazy summer days, to soak up both the sun and the rich cultural heritage of the area.

A view of destination wedding location Finale Ligure

When you hold your wedding ceremony in the quaint and beautiful seaside town of Finale Ligure you will actually be getting the charm of three distinct villages all rolled into one.

Technically speaking, Finale Ligure is actually three small villages rolled into one, with each section of the town retaining its own unique cultural and historical identity. The two parts of the town which lie right on the ocean and are the most modern, are Finale Ligure and Finale Pia. These two towns have a broad palm-tree-lined expanse for strolling along the white sand beach, lined with shops and ice cream stands and small cafes.

Extending inland about two kilometers is the third section of Finale Ligure, known as Finalborgo, the most ancient part of the city. Finalborgo is the old walled town, built hundreds of years ago when this section of coast was subject to raids by pirates. Standing atop an imposing hill with a view of the entire town and the blue Mediterranean Sea beyond, stands the ancient Spanish castle, Castle St. Giovanni. From this lofty perch the lord of the town could keep watch over his village and signal a warning at the first sign of marauders.

The many facets of Finale Ligure offer almost unlimited possibilities for unique, dramatic, romantic and memorable wedding photos.

Ancient castle ruins still sit atop the bluffs overlooking the beach, providing unique and dramatic backdrops for the many wedding photos taken in this seaside resort.

In the middle of Finale Ligure, dominating the town square like a medieval guardian angel stands the beautiful and ornate Church of San Giovanni Battista. Completed in the year 1675, the Church of San Giovanni Battista has served this seaside community for more than 300 years and is an incredible photo background.

Finale Ligure is a wonderful and warm place to hold your wedding. The people are friendly, the sun shines almost the entire year, and the sand and the sea are as inviting today as they were a thousand years ago when Greek and Roman soldiers fought over these beautiful shores.

As anywhere in Italy, your plans for a religious wedding ceremony will be greatly simplified if you first have a lovely and memorable civil ceremony.

While not impossible to arrange, a Catholic wedding ceremony is very rate unless a couple is first married in a civil ceremony, and Finale Ligure’s civil wedding hall is very lovely, with large windows providing a gorgeous panoramic view of the town square and the sea beyond.

Do yourself the biggest favor of your life and allow a trained and experienced wedding planner to take care of all the annoying details so your wedding day will be the magical day you’ve always dreamed of.

It is strongly recommended that you employ the services of an experienced wedding consultant who knows the officials of Finale Ligure and who can expedite your paperwork and walk you through the Italian legal system. With a skilled and friendly wedding planner at your side this process is completely painless. Plan on being in Italy to put the final signatures on your wedding paperwork at least three business days prior to your actual ceremony in Finale Ligure.

Following your civil wedding you may enjoy the religious or symbolic wedding that you have always fantasized about.

Following your civil wedding it may be possible for your wedding consultant to arrange for the Catholic wedding ceremony that you have always dreamed about or to arrange for a Protestant ceremony or for a spectacular symbolic ceremony almost anywhere you wish. It is possible to arrange for a symbolic ceremony on a sailboat or a yacht or even in a hot air balloon. Your wedding consultant will have even more creative ideas for you.

Finale Ligure offers many excellent choices when it comes to your wedding reception.

Following your wedding there are many fine restaurants, five-star hotels and other places in which to hold your reception. Count on some of the best seafood and other Italian favorites as well as plenty of the best wines that Italy has to offer. Italians love parties and your wedding reception in Finale Ligure will be a party that your family and friends will long remember.

And where better to spend your honeymoon that right here on the world-renown Italian Riviera?

Allow us to help make your special day even more memorable, a wedding straight from the pages of a fairytale.

Also please allow is to relieve you of the bothersome worry of finding a skilled local photographer to photograph your wedding; we are familiar with all of the best ones and will find one to suit your needs exactly. Likewise we would be most happy to make all of the arrangements for the flowers of your choice and we can provide any luxury car services that you require for yourselves or for your family and guests.

If you are looking for a bright and sunny place to begin your lives together, a place filled with fun-loving and happy people and a place with a history that goes backs hundreds of years, then why not come to the beautiful and laid-back town of Finale Ligure for the celebration of your most special day?