Cinque Terre

Weddings in Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, the Five Lands, is one of the most beautiful and pristine pieces of coastline left on earth. The area is so steeped in history and natural beauty that it is a designated nature preserve as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ocean off the coast of Cinque Terre is a marina preserve as well, with whales and many other creatures completely protected.

Weddings in Italy's Cinque Terra

The Cinque Terre is comprised of five small villages, each tucked into the side of a cliff overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean Ocean. Cinque Terre is a vertical world, with houses, churches, villas, monasteries, hotels and restaurants clinging as if by magic to the steep hillsides along five of the most spectacular and romantic miles of coastline you will find anywhere. The surrounding sea waters sparkle like an engagement ring, and are sure to make the perfect backdrop for beautiful wedding photographs. Life here has changed little over the past 500 years, and the stone walls built centuries ago still hold the gardens that grow the grapes and olives which have made this region famous.

The five villages that make up historic Cinque Terre are Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. Over the past 1,000 years farmers have built stone walled terraces throughout the Five Lands region on which to grow their vineyards and olive gardens. Today these stone walls are a major tourist attraction and are considered by many to be almost as historically and culturally important to this area as the Great Wall of China is to China.

If you are looking for a romantic place to hold your wedding, a land that has the look and feel of ancient times, then Cinque Terre may be exactly what you are looking for. Its towns have few if any vehicles, and the villages are tied together by one of the most spectacular and scenic walking trails in the world, La Via Dell’Amore, the Road of Love. Could anything be more romantic than that?

Each of the five villages has its own ancient church, each with artwork and frescoes dating back many hundreds of years. Each town offers dozens of unique and spectacular locations for religious, civil and symbolic weddings.

Your civil, symbolic or religious wedding in Cinque Terre will be an occasion that will never be forgotten, that will never fade from your memory.

Catholic weddings are difficult to arrange in any of the villages of Cinque Terre, but symbolic weddings can be arranged in many beautiful spots, including gardens, hotels, and private villas. It is possible to arrange for Protestant weddings but be forewarned that while it is possible to hold a religious wedding prior to a civil wedding, the paperwork and the hoops you must jump through make this unworkable for many couples.

What most couples choose to do instead is to hold a civil wedding service first, followed almost immediately by a religious or a symbolic service. Civil weddings can be performed in either Vernazza or Riomaggiore, and the wedding hall of either city is spectacular. Your wedding ceremony will almost certainly be conducted by the Mayor of the town and you can add your own vows, poems, or readings to your ceremony.

Your reception can be held in a genuine stone castle. Following your ceremony you can hold your reception at the town’s 500-year-old castle, with live music, dancing, and some of the best food on earth. A wedding ceremony and wedding reception in Cinque Terre will be something that you, your love, and your family and friends will never forget.

Make your special day as stress-free and as spectacular as possible with the help of a friendly and experienced wedding planner.

In order to make your special day much less stressful for you and your family and friends, it is highly recommended that you employ the services of a professional wedding planner who has experience arranging weddings in Cinque Terre. Not only can your friendly wedding planner make all the local arrangements, but she or he can also help walk your paperwork through the Italian marriage bureaucracy so that there won’t be any unpleasant last-minute surprises.

If you want a wedding that’s off the beaten path, a wedding in a place that time forgot, a wedding in a place where people still take the time to walk and where they genuinely want to know you and help out in whatever way they can, then consider a seaside wedding in the pristine and unforgettable region of Italy known as Cinque Terre.