Destination Weddings in Gorizia

If you are looking for a charming, intimate and romantic wedding in one of the most beautiful and stilll-undiscovered regions of Italy, then consider the advantages of a wedding in Gorizia, snug up against the border with Slovenia in northeastern Italy.

Today the Gorizia area is noted primarily as a tourist destination. Tourists and lovers flock to Gorizia for its charming local handicrafts and its old-world charm. Romantics and lovers are enamored by its friendly and generous people, its warm and mild climate and its unspoiled natural beauty.

The area has been populated for more than a thousand years and there are many ancient and historic sites which include many unique wedding locations, such as castles, ancient fortresses, 14th century Gothic cathedrals and many ornate and awe-inspiring 16th and 17th century churches filled with original frescoes and rare artworks.

The capital of the province is the town of Gorizia itself, a very popular wedding destination. But whether you choose to hold your ceremony in the town of Gorizia or in one of the smaller surrounding villages your civil ceremony is certain to be one that you and your family and friends will never forget.

As you walk to the ornate town wedding hall you will be greeted warmly by virtually the entire town as people step out of their homes and businesses to wish you a wonderful life. The Mayor of the town himself will preside at your ceremony. You and your love will be encouraged to exchange your own wedding vows and to read poetry or verse to each other and to your assembled guests.

Following your civil ceremony your wedding planner can arrange for a religious or a symbolic wedding ceremony that will bring all of your long-held wedding dreams to life.

Your Catholic ceremony can be held in an ancient and ornate Catholic church amid 500-year-old artifacts which will instill a sense of permanence and continuity into your ceremony.

Your Protestant, Jewish or symbolic ceremony can be arranged in a church, synagogue, or in virtually any other place in Gorizia province, from an ancient castle to a splendid Villa, to a flower-filled park or in the ballroom or rooftop garden of a beautifully modern five-star hotel. The choice is entirely yours.

Italy is a marriage-friendly country with no residency requirements and no waiting period. Your wedding consultant will make certain that you obtain all of the necessary paperwork and that you have the proper stamps and signatures applied and that everything is properly translated into Italian. With the services of an experienced Italian wedding facilitator your ceremony can be held within three days of your arrival in Italy.

If you are looking for a charming and romantic setting for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding, why not look into the many romantic places available to you in the ancient and beautiful region of Gorizia?