Destination Weddings in Parma


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Once you set foot in Parma, you cannot help falling in love with this elegant and magic town.

Parma is the quintessence of Italy and “dolce vita” way of life: great food – who’s never heard about Parma ham? -, art, historical monuments to get in and where learning something new from every time, opera (Giuseppe Verdi was a Parmesan!) and so on.

Located close to Milan, where the biggest Italian airports take place and very well served by the railway network, once arrived, you just need to jump on your bike and discover this Emilian pearl as all its citizens do. You’ll be impressed about the huge number of bicycles around instead of cars!

First stop here is, without doubts, its magnificent Duomo and having a look around. This Romanesque beauty has some treasures that all art-lovers genuinely envy: a kaleidoscopic swirl of cherubs and whirling angels that will make you feel like a force is swallow you up (Antonio da Correggio’s Assumption of the Vergin) or Benedetto Antelami’s Descent from the Cross, dated 1178, a relief considered a masterpiece of its type.

Sitting in one of Parma’s art-nouveau cafes is a must there: after a walk around the historical centre or a shopping tour, having a glass of San Giovese is something you well deserve.

Like Bologna, Parma is one of most big University centres of Italy, so, well attended and lived by students that loves the relaxed and quiet atmosphere of the town.

Getting married here is absolutely the most “Italian” way to do it: surrounded by artistic or natural beauties, having the chance to choose among a huge type and number of restaurants and Venues, tasting some of the best dishes of Italy and enjoying the warm hospitality from local people.