Torre del Greco

Destination Weddings in Torre del Greco

A popular seaside resort located in the region of Campania, Torre del Greco is a fishing port, industrial center, and the site where the coral industry has been a specialty of the town since the 16th century. In fact, sometimes the town is called Corallini because of the plentiful coral in the nearby sea. Although coral has been popular throughout the ages, it is regaining its fame in the contemporary fashion and style industry, which makes this region a desirable destination at this point in time.

Because the area has been influenced by Arabic, Greek and Spanish countries, the people in Torre del Greco speak in a distinct dialect known as Torrese. The people of Torre del Greco are known to be rich in tradition and culture, and the area is renowned for its love of art, music and local Italian food. Among these foods are pizza, pasta, fish stew, and ice cream. The well-liked wines in this province are Lacrima Cristi and Greco di Tufo.

Located on the Bay of Naples, Torre del Greco is the largest city of the Vesuvius area, with about 100,000 inhabitants. It was destroyed several times after the Pompeii eruption in 79 and the last time in 1794 when the lava flow reached the ocean.

Torre del Greco is a wonderful spot for a destination wedding. With such ripened Italian customs, and so much to see in the neighboring areas, a marriage ceremony in this town has much to offer for a bride and groom to share with family and friends.