Destination Weddings in Pozzuoli

Perhaps best known as the home of legendary actress, Sofia Loren, Pozzuoli is a charming old town on the west coast of the Neapolitan Riviera in the Gulf of Pozzuoli. Packed with lakes, dazzling scenery and Mediterranean beaches, this beautiful section in Southern Italy offers great wedding sites for lovers of romance and history.

An epicurean wonderland, Pozzuoli offers authentic southern Italian foods made from the finest fresh produce that is so prevalent in this region. There are a variety of restaurants, pizzerias and trattorias, where famed recipes that have been passed down from generations can be sampled. Every type of authentic pasta, pizza and seafood can be found here and the flavors are rich and unique.

Pozzuoli was established in 530 BC as a military port, and though now submerged, Port Julius, can be seen by guided tour, a glass bottom boat, or by scuba diving. This famous port was designed to commemorate Julius Caesar and holds sentimental value to the locals. There are a multitude of other fabulous historical sites to enjoy in Pozzuoli, such as the Volcano Solfatara, the Temple of Venus, the Temple of Serapis, the Temple of Apollo, and Monte Nuovo, known as the youngest mountain in Europe. It took form after a volcanic eruption in 1538. The area is also friendly to those who love a pictorial walk. The Lungo Mare (sea promenade) is a pleasant stroll in which Capri and Sorrento can be enjoyed in the distance.

A true display of the southern culture of Italy, the residents of Pozzuoli are well known as warm and hospitable to visitors. Although not well known to the average tourist, the Italian locals regard Pozzuoli as a desirable resort destination. Here you can enjoy a marriage ceremony graced by native Italians and their relaxed way of life.