Destination Weddings in Minori

The Amalfi Coast of Italy, with its stunning cliff-clinging villages and breathtaking views, was not only the wedding and honeymoon site of many of the ancient Roman gods, it has also been an area prized for its strategic shipping location and for its romantic vistas for more than 2,000 years.

It may even be possible to arrange for your symbolic wedding ceremony to be held in the ruins of this ancient wonder – the Villa Romana.

In fact, the romantic ruins of the ancient Villa Romana attract both tourists as well as lovers to this day, and the town has been a Roman Catholic Diocese since the year 987 when Pope Giovanni the Fifteenth included the town in his will. One of the main attractions of the town, even today, is its stunning 11th century lion’s head fountain. Minori is also the birthplace of pasta – a staple that the Italian diet cannot do without today!

Minori is where lovers dreams come to life!

Near the beautiful tree-lined promenade stands the awe-inspiring medieval church of Santa Trofimena. Within this church are the holy relics of this Saint, and every July 13th the entire Amalfi Coast celebrates Saint Trofimena day with elaborate festivals. Lovers are especially drawn to Minori’s narrow and winding cobblestone streets and its colorful houses and delightful gardens. The views of the Mediterranean from the hills above the bay are spectacular, and the sunsets over the sea are indescribable.

Pick and choose among the many splendid Villas for the location for your most special day.

Romantic ancient watchtowers stand guard along the coast, dim reminders of another day, another time. Today hydrofoils and helicopters are much more likely to land at the beautiful harbor than are pirates bent on plunder. On the hills surrounding the harbor are many stunning Villas and ancient castles, many of which are available as wedding sites.

It is difficult for non-Italians to arrange for a Catholic-only religious wedding anywhere in Italy, and that includes the charming seaside town of Minori. However, an experienced wedding planner may be able to guide you through the paperwork and the regulations, but count on a long and drawn out process.

Your wedding plans become much simpler if they begin with a romantic civil wedding followed by the religious or symbolic wedding of your dreams.

What most couples choose to do instead is to hold a beautiful and romantic civil wedding ceremony first, followed by the religious or symbolic ceremony of their choice. Once a civil wedding license has been issued, then many of the problems associated with a religious ceremony fall to the wayside.

Your civil ceremony in Minori will be truly memorable. Your ceremony will be held in a medieval wedding hall with views of the ocean and beautiful artwork adorning the walls. The Mayor of Minori himself may be the one officiating at your ceremony, and couples are encouraged to read their own vows or to read poetry or verse.

Symbolic ceremonies can be arranged in almost any location you can imagine.

Once your civil ceremony has been performed, it is possible that your wedding planner may be able to arrange for a Protestant or symbolic ceremony to be performed in one of the many enchanting villas surrounding Minori, where your dreams and fantasies can be brought to life. Symbolic and Protestant ceremonies can also be performed in many of the splendid hotels in Minori or even on a sailboat or a yacht sailing in the deep blue waters just off the coast.

Catholic ceremonies may only be performed in one of the town’s Catholic churches.

You and your family and friends will remember your wedding reception for the rest of your lives!

Following your ceremony Minori and the surrounding area offers many wonderful restaurants and hotels where festive wedding receptions can be arranged. Italians love weddings and they love to party, so count on your reception being an event that everyone will remember for years to come. Your guests will not only enjoy great music and song and dancing, but some of the best local seafood and pasta that you’ll find anywhere, plus world-renowned wines made right here on the Amalfi Coast.

Remember, too, that if you wish for us to arrange for flowers, photographers or luxury vehicles for you and your guests that we are always here to serve you.

2,000 years of lovers can’t be wrong – come tie the knot in the romantic seaside town of Minori.

The Amalfi Coast was the place that the ancient gods themselves choose for their weddings and honeymoons – and to this day there is nowhere on Earth more romantic or more beautiful for lovers to tie the knot and declare their love for one another than right here in the charming, romantic and historic town of Minori.