Destination Weddings in Marigliano

The town is in the Italian region of Campania 19 km from Naples.

The area appears to be settled as early as the first and second century BC. The name of the town is first mentioned in a document dating to 917 AD.

From 1644 to 1799 it was controlled by the Mastrilli family. When the last Duke of Marigliano, Giulio Mastrilli, was arrested during the Napoleonic invasion of Italy of 1806 it became a comune Italiano.

The highlights of the area are:

  • Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie built around 1000 and enlarged by Domenico Antonio Vaccaro in the early 18th century.
  • The bell tower dating back to 1494 destroyed in the 1980 earthquake, but rebuilt in the same shape but with different materials.
  • The Ducal Castle.
  • A late-Gothic apse church of the Annunziata with a late-15th century triptych.
  • St. Vitus Monastery.