Destination Weddings in Maiori

Maiori is one of the pearls threaded along the stunning Amalfi coast of Italy, an area so unbelievably beautiful that it was said the ancient gods themselves left their homes to settle along the Amalfi coast. From the sea Maiori appears to be a town straight out of the pages of a childhood storybook. Ancient towers, built over a thousand years ago, still stand watch over the town day and night. At night the many brilliant lights of the Maiori waterfront are reflected in the still surface of the gently-lapping Mediterranean, making the town appear to be something from a wonderful dream.

The beauty of Maiori is so legendary that many world-famous Italian films have been shot here.

Maiori is such a uniquely stunning town that legendary Italian film director Roberto Rosellini shot four of his early films in this seaside hamlet.

This tiny village traces its roots back more than 2,000 years, to its founding by the ancient Etruscans. Maiori holds such a strategic position between the Mediterranean Sea and the region around Mt. Vesuvius that it was soon conquered by the Roman Legions. For several hundred years Maiori was a principal hub in the Roman Empire, housing the main military headquarters and customs office in the region.

Maiori’s large beach makes it a favorite with locals and tourists alike – and with lovers the world over!

Because of this, Maiori was fortified with walls and towers in the 9th century, many of which can still be seen to this day. Today Maiori has the largest beach of any of the picture-postcard-towns of the Amalfi coast and is a favorite destination of tourists as well as Italian vacationers – and of lovers looking for a magical place to be married.

Maiori is filled with ancient and important churches.

There are two historic and important churches in Maiori. One, built on the high side of the town square, is Santa Maria a Mare – or Our Lady of the Seashore. Although the church has had some restorations in the intervening years, the church was built in the 12th century and is characterized by a large dome completely covered with valuable Majolica tiles. The Church of Santa Maria a Mare is world-famous for its 15th century wood carving of the Madonna and Child and for its extensive collection of sacred Vestments.

Just as impressive is the Church and Covent of San Francesco, built at the beginning of the 15th century. This church is famed world-wide for the miracle of the springing water in the convent.

Couples wishing a Catholic-only marriage should contact an experienced wedding planner as soon as possible.

Couples looking to be married in Maiori should be aware that it is very rare for non-Italians to be wed in a Catholic ceremony prior to having a civil wedding ceremony. It is possible for a Catholic-only ceremony to be performed, but in order to arrange it we strongly recommend that you employ the services of an experienced wedding planner who is familiar both with Maiori and with the priests of the town. Even with the help of a skilled wedding planner the process is a long and tedious one.

It is much more common to hold a civil ceremony first.

A more common approach is to hold a civil ceremony followed by a religious one. Once a couple has a civil wedding license then a Catholic or Protestant or other religious ceremony becomes much simpler.

Your civil ceremony in Maiori will be one you will long remember. The newer wedding hall looks out on the beautiful Mediterranean and your ceremony is likely to be conducted by the Mayor of Maiori himself. The couple will be allowed to recite their own vows.

A religious or symbolic ceremony can follow your civil ceremony.

Following the civil ceremony, sometimes even on the same day, a beautiful religious or symbolic ceremony can be held. Catholic ceremonies can only be held in one of the beautiful and ornate Catholic Churches in town, but you can arrange for Protestant or other religious ceremonies or for symbolic ceremonies at a number of beautiful locations.

Many of the stunning Villas surrounding this once-important town can be made available for your ceremony, and an experienced wedding planner can even arrange for a wedding on a sailboat or yacht or in another exotic and memorable location.

The views around Maiori will form the background for a series of one-of-a-kind wedding photos that you and your love will marvel at for years to come.

Your wedding reception will feature the finest local dishes.

Your wedding reception can beheld at one of the many eye-popping villas around the town or at one of the fine hotels or restaurants along the waterfront. Your guests will be assured of some of the finest Italian cuisine in the world, followed by world-renowned wines, many locally produced.

And when it comes time for your honeymoon, you are already on the Amalfi Coast where the ancient gods themselves celebrated their honeymoons!

We will take care of the important but time-consuming details of your wedding.

If you wish, we can relieve you of the need for tracking down skilled florists and wedding photographers (both still and video) and we can make certain that a luxury car is there for you and that transportation is available for your family and guests.

The beauty and the romance of the Amalfi Coast goes well beyond mere words. In fact, the stunning landscapes of Maiori left the very gods themselves speechless. Come see for yourself the exquisite beauty of this small slice of Eden as you make plans for your wedding in Maiori.