Destination Weddings in Caserta

Caserta is the capital city of one of the provinces in Campania and world famous for the Palace of Caserta.

Caserta was built by the Prince of Capua around a defensive tower dating back to Lombard times. It was then destroyed around 863 AD. Today the tower of Caserta is part of il Palazzo della Prefettura the former seat of the counts of Caserta, as well as the Royal residence.

Around the 16th century the population migrated from Caserta vecchia to Caserta nuova.

Caserta use to be the property of the Acquaviva family, but, pressed by large debts the Acquaviva sold all their land to the Royal family. The Royal family then chose the newly acquired lands for their place of residence. The Acquaviva property was considered more defensible than the previous royal palace located on the Bay of Naples.

Today Caserta’s main attraction is the Royal Palace or Reggia di Caserta. The Reggia was designed in the 1800s by Luigi Vanvitelli as a Versailles-like residence for the Bourbon kings of Naples and Sicily. With more than 1100 rooms, decorated in various styles it is visited by multitudes every year and has been the set for several movies, such as Mission Impossible and Star Wars.

The park of the Royal Place is over three kilometers in length with many waterfalls, gardens and lakes. The most important part of the royal park is the English Garden section.

The old Palazzo Vecchio dates to the 14th century but was also renovated by Luigi Vanvitelli as provisional residence for the royal court.

The Reggia of Caserta would be well suited for a garden or symbolic destination wedding ceremony and today attracts thousands of newlyweds who go there to have their wedding photos taken.