Weddings in Anacapri

There is something special about an island wedding – and that is especially true when the island is the fabulous Island of Capri in beautiful Naples Bay in Italy. Capri has been one of the most romantic places in all of Italy since ancient times and has been fought over by many countries wishing to own it.
The views from the limestone cliffs atop which perches the town of Anacapri cannot be matched anywhere on Earth!

Today the Island of Capri is still one of the most beautiful islands in the world and a much sought-after wedding destination. The beautiful and ancient town of Anacapri is high up on the island, with majestic and rugged cliffs tumbling down to the ocean below. The views from Anacapri cannot be equaled anywhere else on Earth.

The magnificent Gardens of Agustus, founded by Caesar Agustus himself are as beautiful today as they were 2,000 years ago.

If you wish to hold your wedding in a true paradise here on Earth, an Eden with more than 800 species of flowers and plants preserved on this one small island, you can do no better than to hold it in the breath-taking and awe-inspiring village of Anacapri, nestled near the clouds on the magical Island of Capri.
Only on the Island of Capri can you and your love take a romantic journey down “the world’s most beautiful road.”

If you truly wish your breath to be taken away, hike along the Cliffside path on the northern side of the island. This path is aptly known as “the world’s most beautiful road.” Down below, the ocean offers its own awe-inspiring marvels. Submarine tours of the water just off Capri are available and you will certainly not want to miss the magic of the world-famous Blue Grotto which is mystically illuminated a brilliant blue each evening by the setting sun.

In Anacapri you have so many choices for your wedding location – and no matter which one you decide upon, it is impossible to make a bad choice.

In Anacapri you can have the wedding of your dreams. You can be married in an ancient Protestant Church, or in the beautiful Town Hall, or your ceremony can be held in one of the many gardens overlooking a thousand miles of the deep blue Mediterranean, or you can tie the knot in a beautiful modern ballroom in a five star hotel. The choice is yours.

There is a beautiful Protestant Church in Anacapri where wedding services may be performed. It is also possible to have the pastor perform your wedding services at a number of private Villas or at one of the beautiful hotels on the island.

Symbolic wedding ceremonies may be performed at any number of magnificent garden locations or virtually any island location of your choice.

Italian law requires that prior to a religious ceremony in Anacapri you must have a civil ceremony either on the Island of Capri or before you arrive.

Prior to your wedding in the fairytale-like Protestant Church your civil ceremony will be performed at the beautiful Mediterranean-style Town Palace. Civil ceremonies are conducted in Italian and the couple is permitted to read personal vows or poetry.

Once your civil ceremony has been performed, and you have your civil wedding license in hand, then making arrangements for a religious wedding ceremony in the lovely Protestant Church or any other religious ceremony on the island is possible. Religious ceremonies in Anacapri may be conducted in English.
Simplify your life immensely and employ the services of a friendly and experienced wedding planner to make your special day even more memorable.

While Italy welcomes lovers and encourages marriage, the paperwork which you will need to supply is still sufficient that you would be well advised to use the services of a friendly and experienced wedding planner. A professional wedding planner knows exactly what paperwork is necessary and she or he will know how to obtain the proper signatures and stamps and make certain that the proper authorities have everything when they need it in order to insure that your wedding day with flow as smoothly and as stress-free as possible!

The happy couple should plan to spend a minimum of two days in Italy prior to their wedding date to make certain that all paperwork and all final details have been taken care of.
From virtually every window and from every street corner Anacapri reminds you of the romance that was once reserved only for royalty.

From almost every window in Anacapri you will have one of the most romantic and awe-inspiring views anywhere in the world. Below your feet, spread out like a sparkling jeweled carpet, will be the incomparable Bay of Naples, including Mt. Vesuvius and the charming town of Sorrento.
For such a small and charming town, Anacapri has a surprising number of fine hotels and restaurants where family and friends can celebrate your wedding until dawn eating the finest food and drinking the best wines that Italy has to offer.

If you are looking for a truly memorable wedding, in a location with some of the most breath-taking scenery on Earth, then you really must make arrangements to visit the island that Julius Caesar was willing to pay a king’s ransom for…the mystical and romantic Island of Capri!