Destination Weddings in Monopoli

Monopoli is a town and municipality in Italy, in the province of Bari and region of Apulia. The town lies on the Adriatic Sea about 40 kilometres (25 miles) southeast of Bari. It is important mostly as an agricultural, industrial and tourist centre. 

As per the rest of the region, Monopoli has developed in the past few years, into a perfect destination for a Wedding in Italy, and has been chosen by many couples, even on TV and in the show business as their wedding set.

A borough of fishermen, a town founded on the sea and from the sea, a great white square where the houses of the centre, many the abode of fishermen are daubed with lime. And then churches, commotion and squares, noble palaces of the 18th century or of the Murattiana period. Here and there testimony and remains of medieval fortifications that tell of its ancient history. Golden, sandy beaches with crystal clear waters a treasure chest of a living maritime culture that lives in the sea and comes from the sea. 

It also can be easily reached from many international airports, and we often suggest this destination to the couples that have a thigh schedule for the wedding, and want to take advantage of all the possible time. If you come for example to marry in Italy during a cruise, this could be a perfect destination.

Thanks to the dramatic growth of tourism and the hard work of a lively rural community rural businesses offering trulli, farm houses, B&Bs and agriculture have flourished, producing a wide range of local products and services which in turn have helped to boost the local economy. We will be happy infact to help you plan your wedding days in Italy, and also for your guests; in case your party wishes to arrange for a wine tasting, a daily boat tour of the hidden coves, or for any moment during the days of the wedding in Italy.

Cultural customs, traditions and the religious heritage of the city have been preserved over time thanks to the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, French and even the Saracens and Turks, who have all left their footprint on the land. The most important celebration is the feast of the Madonna della Madia at dawn on the 16th of December and repeated on the 15th of August for those citizens who live abroad. In the magical atmosphere of the old port, a huge crowd of believers and curious people pay homage to the Byzantine icon who reached the shores of Monopoli by raft in 1117.

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