Destination Weddings in Brindisi

Brindisi is an important Italian wedding destination in the southern region of Apulia.

This port in Apulia even today provides important travel connections to and from a long list of sea and airports. The city of Brindisi, located on the Adriatic coast, lies between two deep bays linked to the open sea by a narrow and deep channel, overlooked by the Castello Rosso (Red Castle), named for the particular color of the stone used to build it. The Swabian Castle, rather, overlooks the western channel of the port and today is a venue for major cultural events. In general, for both your Wedding Ceremony and the wedding reception, Brindisi offers important and beautiful settings. 

Among the sights not to be missed, the Church of San Giovanni al Sepolcro, with a beautiful and finely-decorated marble portal, and the Colonna Romana (roman column).

In the Apulian hinterland, in a mosaic of colors, cultivated fields alternate with large areas of olive groves, vineyards and colorful orchards, intervallic only by roads, sporadic clearings and, in the Valle d’Itria, by some trullo.

An ideal panorama for your Italian wedding.

The flavors of the land of Brindisi reflect the identity of the best culinary traditions from Apulia. Fish, fresh and tasty, is the main element of the local cuisine. Urchins, oysters, grouper and swordfish steaks, sea bass and, of course, bluefish are prepared as simple dishes and served with seasonal vegetables like mushrooms, asparagus, wild vegetables, broad beans and the famous blue sweet pea. 

Vineyards and olive groves ensure the production of high-quality DOC wines, and high-quality extra-virgin olive oils, protected in this area by the appellation DOP Collina di Brindisi. 

Just as excellent is the production of fresh or mature cheeses made from the milk of local farms, such as ricotta, cacioricotta and pecorino (sheep’s milk cheese). And, according to tradition, focaccia, frise, bread and taralli accompany with their fragrance any dish, from appetizers to soups, from main courses to side dishes.

The mandorla riccia (curly almond) is a typical confectionery product from Francavilla Fontana, crisp outside and crunchy inside. The biscotto cegliese with toasted almonds, cherry and lemon marmalade is a tasty pastry made in Ceglie Messapica.  

Charming vacation destinations, along with one of the major natural areas of the region and an important spa, and the typical specialties of the area, make this an ideal destination for your wedding reception.

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