Destination Weddings in Bari

Bari, Italy is the capital of the region of Apulia (Puglia in Italian), the region in the heel of the Italian “boot.” It’s also a major transport hub not only for Puglia, but for ferries and cruise ships leaving the port for other destinations in the Mediterranean. This specific details makes it ver easy to plan your wedding in Bari, as all your guests will be able to easily arrange for the trip, which is in any case, part of the wedding planning servie that we offer.

But Bari’s much more than a capital and transportation hub! It’s also an off-the-beaten-path destination boasting spectacular gems, from top-notch cuisine to historic castles. In southern Italy, it is second only to Naples in economic importance. The fact that it is a port and university city belies the rich culture that a tourist will find in the city. 

And getting to Bari is easier than you might think. You can fly into Bari’s international airport, but if you’re already in Italy, you might want to take the high-speed train. From Rome, you can get to Bari Centrale in about four hours; since the train station in Bari is only a short walk to the historic center, it’s an especially convenient way to go.

The city of Bari is divided into four urban centers that include the northern part consisting of the old city featuring Basilica of Saint Nicholas, the Cathedral of San Sabino (1035–1171) and the Swabian Castle built for Frederick II; and to the south is the Murat shopping district, complete with a promenade overlooking the sea.

Bari’s cuisine and gastronomy is based on three major ingredients that are found in Puglia Region including; wheat, olive oil and wine. Of course the dishes are enriched with meats, garlic and a variety of vegetables such as minestrone, chick peas, broad beans, chicory, celery and fennel. Make sure you sample dishes such as orecchiette ear-shaped pasta, recchietelle or strascinate, chiancarelle and cavatelli

The city of Bari, but also the countryside surrounding it, are different and both perfect settings for a Wedding in Apulia. We usually suggest our couples to reserve maybe a Masseria (typical farm houses restored) to have more privacy during the days of the Wedding in Italy, and maybe enjoy the city for the Wedding ceremony or the reception.

Either way, planning your wedding in Bari will be a wonderful experience, and we will gladly be your wedding planners in Italy.