Italians are open and hospitable beyond the ordinary and they love to tell you all about their culture, food and history.

The destination wedding sites in Italy are unique in every way imaginable and each has something special to offer you that is not found anywhere else.

In the city of Rome the Romans often will often quote to you their favorite saying: “A whole life is not enough to discover all that there is in Rome”.

World-famous Florence, with its ancient red wedding hall, La Sala Rossa, is an endless array of art work and historical features and may be the most popular wedding destination location in Europe, but Florence is only one of the many wedding places where you can get married and when it comes to fabulous destination wedding locations in Italy, there are many other places for wonderful overseas weddings.

What about the Eternal city Rome itself? Well where else can you find the Coliseum, the Roman Forum and the Arch of Titus in close proximity and use them as a backdrop for your wedding photos? And where else, except for Rome, can you get married in St Peters and possibly have an audience with the Pope? And is there any other wedding place as unique as Trastevere where buskers come by your table to sing you a Roman love song and opera singers enchant you from the balconies of the piazza while you are eating your Italian dinner?

They say the ancient pagan gods themselves chose the stunning Amalfi Coast for their weddings and honeymoons. That isn’t true of course, but what is true is that the Roman emperors did select this wedding place for some of their most fabulous villas!

For both beauty and modern luxury, the glittering Italian Riviera, just south of the French Riviera has many wedding venues and is popular among the Italians as well as foreigners that are planning a destination wedding in Italy. Depending on where you hold your marriage ceremony along the Italian Riviera you have the choice of either a 5-star luxury wedding location or one of the many ancient historic Ligurian wedding spots.

In the area of the Italian Lakes, in the lake region of Italy, storybook weddings come true. Brides arrive on boats and walk onto a wood dock where they are escorted to the public lake wedding hall.

For brides that have been waiting for a dream wedding straight out of the pages of a medieval fairytale, there are several Italian castle wedding locations available with their gatehouses open to couples that are planning a marriage in Italy. If you like to arrive in a dramatic manner to a castle in Italy there are still horse and buggies and coaches with servants all dressed in period clothing. Italian castles are well known for their moats and trenches, but they also have terraces overlooking valleys and manicured English or Italian gardens – everything that was described in the romantic tales of old.

No matter which region of Italy you choose to hold your wedding, Italy abounds with these medieval castles, ancient churches, sumptuous villas, splendid lakes and five star hotels with famous gourmet restaurants.

Italy is endowed with endless wedding spots for destination weddings abroad and each wedding place will have several surprises for newlyweds.

If you are thinking about having an idyllic island destination wedding, Italy has several of the most unique islands in Europe.

So no matter how you have always pictured your wedding should be, whether on a medieval castle top or a windswept bluff overlooking the deep blue Mediterranean or on the fanciest ballroom of the stateliest hotel, Italy has it all – and then some!