Teal, Ivory and Gold theme

Unless you live in Hawaii you will not find any teal flowers in nature: how to find a valuable remedy or substitute? Great challenge!

We tried to put together a board, with all the possible solutions for combining teal, gold and ivory colors.

(p.s. this is not a game: we had to find something for our lovely couple’s wedding! :-))

Bridal bouquet:
Ivory dahlias, English roses
Teal silk flowers (peony or anemone shape)
Gold blossoms and branches or leaves
Ivory embroidered or satin ribbon

Same flowers as above – squared shape centerpieces
Pale gold crystals (2 different sizes)
Teal silk petals
Teal crystals (2 different sizes)
Ivory candles with some gold glitters

Please see below our board… and follow us on Pinterest for more wonderful ideas!


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