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Designing Gold – What went in to designing celebrity Vanessa Williams’ wedding Invitations

On the 4th of July, Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives star Vanessa Williams wed her partner Jim Skrip. The ceremony was a lavish and gorgeous Egyptian themed celebration. Think luxe gold, striking decor, grand entertainment and of course exotic gowns. With such a unique ceremony theme – everything down to the invitations had to emanate luxury. Pairing up with London based Invitation Designers – Adorn Wedding Invitations, Vanessa and the design team worked together for many months to produce the perfect invitation design that would be just as magical as the wedding itself.

Adorn invitations has now gone global and has already got some of the biggest names in Hollywood knocking on their door to create their own designs. With a top team of graphic designers and state of the art manufacturing, Adorn produced a truly unique and high quality design for Williams’ wedding. Keep reading to find out how Adorn’s design team and Williams produced an invitation design fit for an Egyptian Royal wedding.


Taking Inspiration from all elements of the wedding – the design team looked at Vanessa’s wedding decor, color palettes, the venue and even down to the gown and Vanessa’s hair and makeup. Drawing from all of these components also meant that the team could create a cohesive design that had elements throughout the actual ceremony. For example, even the delicate lace detailing on Vanessa’s Carmen Marc Volvo gowns were imprinted onto the invitation.


With state of the art modern and traditional technology – the manufactures at Adorn were able to create a gorgeous high quality final creation. Vanessa and the team settled on a color combination of gold and trendy Marsala conjuring passion and romance. Adorn’s top designer, Attila Vermes also hand drew the delicate pattern on the outside of the invitation and even with the intricacy of the pattern; 600+ separate shapes – the team were still able to laser cut this onto the outside pocked of the invitation for a dramatic and beautiful finish.


Both Vanessa and the team were absolutely thrilled with the final outcome. Attila Vermes, head designer and director of Adorn said “This project was a dream come true for Adorn. The final outcome is truly a unique and beautiful design and we couldn’t be more proud of our work.” Vanessa described her wedding invitations as a “work of art” and “they were an absolute hit with our friends and family!”

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