Nulla Osta

Nulla Osta

This is a general term referring to the necessary civil document which all foreign citizens (non-Italians) must provide prior to marrying in Italy. In some cases, the Nulla Osta can be obtained by us via mail, thus avoiding any last minute appointments at the consulates (British for example).

The citizens of some countries, however, must prepare their Nulla Osta directly at their consulates here in Italy (Australians and US Citizens). We provide every assistance. A Nulla Osta does not require more than 1 morning in most cases and you must present yourselves with our coordinator at the Consulate/Embassy with your passport and any other relative documents already prepared previously in the country of your origin.

The consulate will then issue you a Nulla Osta which is a certificate granting permission for you to marry in Italy.

We require that this procedure be completed no later than 3 working days prior to the wedding.

To complete your Nulla Osta bring proof of non-residency (flight tickets) with you.