Atto Notorio – US Citizens Only

Atto Notorio – US Citizens Only

The Atto Notorio is required for US Citizens and can only be completed in the US, Australia or Italy.

An Atto Notorio is an affidavit done before the Italian Consulate in the US or Australia (or before a magistrate in Italy). In order to obtain an Atto Notorio you must prepare the following documentation:

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • If previously divorced/widowed, your divorce decree or death certificate
  • Translations of all of the above


Atto Notorio in the US

It consists of a meeting in front of the Italian Consulate with witnesses in which a declaration relative to the civil status (single, divorced etc…) of the couple is made. An official document is then drawn up for filing purposes here in Italy.

Please be sure that at the top of the page of the Atto Notorio the detail “Repubblica Italiana” and “Consolato Generale D’Italia” are specifically written, otherwise the Atto Notorio is not valid.

If you elect to do the Atto Notorio in your home country you will save money. You must set up an appointment with the nearest Italian Consulate to where you live and ask how many witnesses are required – it varies from location to location.

TRANSLATIONS – Your Birth and or divorce/death certificates must be translated into Italian and Apostilled through the Secretary of State’s Notary Public of the state the document originated in. The translations of your certificates are to be authenticated by the Italian Consulate.

Our company can provide translation services if you need them.

Atto Notorio in Italy

If you elect to do the Atto Notorio in Italy your wedding planner will quote you a cost. We will handle all legalities, witnesses, appointments and interpreter. You must also calculate to be in Italy one additional day in advance so as to complete this formality with our staff.