Introducing Emanuele Sironi

When it comes to pick your photographer for your destination wedding you might feel overwhelmed by the options.

Well, we need to inform you that Italy registers the highest number of destination weddings all over the world. Wonder why? Thousands of prestigious towns and cities, tons of venues from restaurants with breathtaking view, medieval castle besides one of a kind villas and masseria or farms. On top of these all of them are located in Italy, and guess about food and wine…

Because of the growing business throughout more than a decade Italy became very demanded in the wedding industry. This went side by side with wedding photography, and all the professionals started focus more in shooting Italian destination weddings only.

This explains perfectly how many photographers you may find in wedding blogs and instagram too. Well, within our 12 years career we can tell you we met and worked with the best ones.

Emanuele Sironi is one of our preferred vendor. See below his best pictures for discovering his preparation, technique, passion and perfection.




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