Introducing Duccio Argentini

After 250 weddings (and counting!) you can be sure that Duccio will capture your laugh, your actions, hugs, dances, and any running child he will see during the photography shooting. If you are a little shy and are not used to being photographed, he will make you and your guests feel comfortable. And your children too, if you have them.” A bit more about Duccio and his background story:

“I have been in love with photography since I was a kid, when I understood that with this tool could freeze a moment forever.

I can now use it to capture your emotions, whether they are related to a Wedding Photography or a Couple Session Photography. I love being in touch with people and creating a connection with them.

I can tiptoe into your wedding and document everything without being invasive, all I want is to do a great job while you enjoy the big day!

Besides being a photographer, I am also a proud father of two wonderful children, who I raise with love together with my wife in a small town near Florence.

I love sports and nature, and I enjoy simple things. If what you want is a genuine approach to photography and life, then I am sure I could be the perfect photographer for you!

Let’s meet somewhere in Tuscany and let’s create some beautiful memories together!”

Destination Wedding
Capture his talent on his website LINK and check his portfolio!
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