Destination Weddings in Viterbo A rich and fascinating destination in which to begin your married life is the hill town of Viterbo. It is the administrative center of its province and is situated in the region of Lazio. The name of Viterbo comes from the Latin Vetus Urbs, ancient city. Located between Tuscany to the north […]

Vatican City

Weddings in Vatican City Nestle into the Eternal City of Rome and absorb the insurmountable wealth of beauty and art that is cherished inside the tiny Vatican City. Also known as the Holy See, The Vatican sits high on a hill just west of the Tiber River and has been considered the spiritual and administrative […]


Destination Weddings in Tivoli Tivoli is a charming hilltop town overlooking the Aniene River, a tributary of the Tiber. The town is world reknown for its wonderful gardens, fountains, villas and in particular its cascading waters. The highlight of Tivoli is undoubtedly the magnificent Villa D’Este, originally built in the 16th century for a cardinal. […]

Santa Marinella

Destination Weddings in Santa Marinella A picturesque and quaint location for your Italian wedding is the coastal town of Santa Marinella. This little seaport is about a 50 minute train ride or a 40 minute drive northwest of the “eternal city” of Rome; that historical and romantic destination sometimes called the birthplace of western civilization. […]

San Felice Circeo

Destination Weddings in San Felice Circeo Some say that San Felice Circeo is the place where the Homeric Circe lived. From the sea, the promontory of Circeo appears like a magical island. Build in the VII century B.C. by Volsci, the ancient village of Circeii became a Roman colony in 393 B.C. after the Social Wars. During […]


Destination Weddings in Rome To wed in Rome is to choose one of the world’s most unforgettable marriage destinations. As the Romans say: “Roma, non basta una vita!”, Rome, a lifetime is not enough! For hundreds of years Rome has been the fulcrum of history; you will be overwhelmed by the splendor of your surroundings. Best […]


Destination Weddings in Rieti A little north of Rome, nestled at the foot of Monte Terminillo, lies the historic town of Rieti. From ancient times Rieti was viewed as the geographical center of Italy and, in fact, if you walk just off the main town square to the Piazza San Rufo, there is even an […]


Destination Weddings in Nettuno The charming seaside town of Nettuno sits picturesquely on the west coast of Italy, just a few miles southwest of Rome, just south of the seaside community of Anzio. Nettuno is known for its romantic beaches and for its old world grace and charm. Just far enough from Rome for a […]


Destination Weddings in Monterotondo At Rome’s Doors – Medieval Romance! Monterotondo means “round hill” in Italian. The town of Monterotondo is in fact built high on three hills, enjoying magnificent views of the surrounding Lazio countryside. The Wedding Hall is truly remarkable with its lovely frescoes and original antiques. The atmosphere is intimate and private, away from […]

Lake Bracciano

Weddings in Lake Bracciano If your wedding fantasies have you saying your vows in a huge, impressive, stone castle lit by flickering torches, the castle that you are picturing in your imagination is the Castle at Lake Bracciano. This 500-year-old castle is the most magnificent castle in all of Italy, quite possibly the most impressive […]

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