Sala dei Notari – Wedding Hall

Sala dei Notari, part of Palazzo dei priori, formerly was the Town Council Hall. It was allocated to the notaries guild in 1582 when their former headquarters, the Palazzetto dei Notari, opposite Palazzo dei Priori in Corso Vannucci, had had to be partially demolished to enlarge the left side of Via Calderini. Punctuated by eight […]

Costa Smeralda

Destination Weddings in Costa Smeralda Costa Smeralda is a six-mile stretch of coastline between the gulfs of Cugnana and Arzachena on the island of Sardinia’’s northeast coast. The local villages and towns have become resorts filled upscale holiday resorts, beautiful private villas, shopping malls, and marinas dotted with gorgeous yachts. The main town in Costa […]


Destination Weddings in Merano Located in the Tyrolean Alps, the charming town of Merano is a fortified Medieval city dating back from the 13th century in the region of Alto Adige. During the 16th century it became the city of choice of the nobility who moved here and built sumptuous palaces, contributing to the elegant […]

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