Destination Weddings in Vercelli Vercelli, located in the Eastern portion of the Piedmont region, lies along the Sesia River and has a population of 49,458. This province is an important rice market and the predominant trades include food processing and textiles. A leading agricultural community, Vercelli also excels in the engineering and timber industries. There […]


Destination Weddings in Stresa Stresa is one of the most beautiful and picturesque towns situated on the shore of the incomparably beautiful Lake Maggiore. In the 1850s Stresa was one of the most sought-after vacation spots in all of Italy. The rich and famous from all over the world spent their leisure time enjoying the […]


Destination Weddings in Baveno Baveno is a jewel of a village situated on the picturesque western shore of magnificent Lake Maggiore, with an unobstructed view of the picture-postcard Borromeo Islands and the snow-capped Swiss Alps in the distance. The beauty, the charm and the romance of Baveno have been an open secret for hundreds of years. […]

Lake Maggiore

Destination Weddings in Lake Maggiore Lake Maggiore’s western shore is in Piedmont, its eastern shore is in Lombardy and to the north it enters Switzerland. Surrounded by soaring mountains, lush forests and ancient palaces, Lake Maggiore is the most famous and dramatic of all the Italian Lakes. The climate is mild every season, and is […]


Destination Weddings in Cuneo A city constructed about 800 years ago, Cuneo was built on a piece of land shaped in the form of a “wedge,” for which the town is named. Walls, towers, and an abundance of historic monuments secure this medieval village with a population of more than 52,000. Baroque churches are prominent […]


Destination Weddings in Bra A small town located in the hills south of Piedmont in Northern Italy, the city of Bra has a modest population of 28,400 residents. With its aged houses and narrow paved streets, Bra offers a distinct sense of the olden days. There is much to be said about a town that […]


Destination Weddings in Alba Located in the valley of the Tanoro River, Alba graces the heart of the Langhe area with its celebrated wines and white truffles. Known as the city of 100 towers, this town is an ideal spot for leisure, wine tasting, and epicurean delights. Adorned with castles along its landscapes and hilltops, […]


Destination Weddings in Trani Trani is ready to host your special wedding ceremony in Apulia within its marvelous historical-artistic frame. Trani has been the coast landmark for the sea trade between East and West; it is the city which has made the romanico pugliese an eternal architectural style by preserving its memory inside the superb […]


Destination Weddings in Macerata Sitting atop a sun-drenched hill on the East coast of Italy, just a few short minutes from the shores of the deep blue Adriatic Sea, lies the Medieval walled city of Macerata, the provincial capital of the Marche region of Italy. Every year Macerata hosts one of the largest opera and […]

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