Perugia Temple – Wedding Hall

Perugia Temple dates to the V-VI centuries A.D. and it is one of the most ancient churches in Italy. It was probably built on the remains of a Roman temple when paganism was decaying and Christianity started to appear in the territories of the pre-existing Empire. More previously, the Temple had been built on a […]

Oratory of Santa Cecilia – Wedding Hall

This is a small pretty Baroque concert hall on a Greek cross plan, with small choirs on two levels and topped by a domed ceiling, built to designs by Pietro Baglioni (1687-90). Attached to the church of San Filippo Neri by the Congregation of the Filippini priests, to which the adjacent complex belonged, it subsequently […]

Sala Binni – Wedding Hall

Commonly known as the “little church” for small size and features, Sala Binni is located in the historical centre of Perugia; it was built in 1500 on the initiative of cardinaleTiberio Crispo and converted from a pre-existing loggia built to a design by architect Galeazzo Alessi. The building adjacent to the church was home to […]

Sala della Vaccara – Wedding Hall

Sala della Vaccara is the ancient location of the Town Hall land register. On the iron door, the initials A.G. (Armarium generale) and the notice “MCCCXXXVIII GILIUS RUFINELLI ME FECIT“ are well visible. Sala della Vaccara is the second entry of Palazzo dei Priori and it is defined by a wonderful gothic gate leading to […]

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