5 “sweet” Wedding Crashers

What if your favorite band crush into your wedding with no invitation? How would  you react? Of course you will be astonished and confused like all couples involved in the latest video by Maroon 5 “Sugar”. Adam Levine and his fellows have decided to play the same role as Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers, […]

Treviso Wedding Hall

Treviso Wedding  Hall Facing onto the square of the same name and as architecturally moderate and tranquil as a Venetian “Campiello”, once residence of a Trevisian noble family, the Rinaldi Palace is today the location of the Treviso Wedding Hall. The Room called “Salone degli Affreschi” (Frescoed Hall) is truly a rare medieval example of the 1300’s […]

Little Village in Gubbio

Venue in Gubbio The ancient complex of Little Village dates back to the beginning of the X century, when it belonged to the father of Sant’Ubaldo, patron Saint of the town of Gubbio. In the XVII century (1695) the whole property was left to the Curia of Gubbio that built a church dedicated to San […]


Destination Weddings in Cagliari Cagliari, the county seat of Sardinia, founded by the Phoenician, is considered the heart of politics, culture, tourism and economic of the entire Region. This dynamic town on Sardinia beautiful southern coast, often referred to as the “City of the Sun”, is an enchanting place where stunning ancient buildings, left behind […]


Destination Weddings in Alghero Alghero, the capital of the Riviera del Corallo, it was formerly founded in the twelfth century by the Doria family of Genoa as a military fortify stronghold. Later, the town was conquered by the Catalan-Aragon, who left a strong mark in the architecture, traditions, cuisine and above all, an important linguistic […]


Destination Weddings in Bosa Twenty-five miles south of Alghero, along the western coast, is the beautiful medieval town of Bosa. Considered one of Sardinia’s gems, this romantic town is situated along the banks of the river Temo, Sardinia’s only navigable river, for about 5-6 kilometres, and surrounded by steep hills, overlooked by the imposing Castle of Malaspina. Bosa […]

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